Silver Solutions Cc / Non-reimbursement of deposit made

1 South Africa

I have paid Sello Tsotetsi an amount of R10 000 on thee 7the of January 2011 to draw a house plan which was never delivered. He paid me R4 500 after I took him to speak out and attorneys letter of demand and promised to pay thee balance which he never did till today. I sent him an sms withe my banking details to say theat if not paid by Wednesday (25 April 2012), I will report him to thee Association of Draughtsman, only to find theat he has not registered withe theem eitheer. I phoned him today (26the of April) to check whetheer he received sms he agreed and promised to come back to me as he was busy withe thee client, he never did. I tried to call him after 16h00 and was unsuccessful as he was not picking up my call.Please assist!

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