Silver Leaf Resortsrude management


we visited Piney Shores today which is a part of the Silver Leaf Resorts. It was beginning to be a nice day, we have never gone to one of these things before, usually because the gift thing also seems to good to be true, but we decided to go anyway. When we told our salesperson we were not ready to make a decision on purchasing today, of course she calls in the manager. He was very nice at first. Then we explained we have two kids starting college next week and really needed to look at our finances better he became so rude I thought he was Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. My husband explained to him that we never buy the first thing we see, and he says that he is a procastenator and will never buy anything. I felt as though he were attacking my husband. He had offered us to pay off the balance of someone elses condo which would only be 8000 instead of 15500. He stated they were moving up to one of the executive condos and we could just pay their's off. The sad thing is, I was almost ready to buy that one, until he attacked my husband. I tried calling to see just what type of trip we were getting, we chose the Las Vegas one. The recording said they were only opened Monday through Friday. How odd for a place that schedules trips to be closed on the weekend. I can only imagine what type of facility this will be at and heaven only knows what type of airline they will put us on. I think it was just a waste of 2 1/2 hours that was supposed to have been 90 minutes.

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