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Silk Enterprises / Rip-off scam!

1 United States

In January 2006, my son answered to an internet offer for several magazines in order to receive an internet shopping spree-which did not turn out to be what he was led to believe....

Around the same time he received a call from Silk Enterprises asking if he was interested in ordering magazines at a discount. He thought this was the same magazine company as the internet offer (Americas Readers Choice) and he agreed to the order. He also agreed to have is debit card charged for the $39.27 not understanding this was a different company. His account was immediately charged the $39.27 monthly. On May 17, 2006 my son received yet another call from Silk Enterprises (which they did not identify themselves) and was offered to have the magazine subscription paid in two monthly payments of $544.41. Again, he thought he was agreeing to pay to the other magazine company and that it was for $54.41 not $544.41!!!!. Immediately after the call his debit card was charged the $544.41! He was not given the option to even pay by check or had he received anything in writing regarding the payment change. He contacted his Bank and disputed the transaction. The dispute was denied based on the fact that Silk Enterprises had a recorded conversation agreeing to the charge.

On July 15, 2006 along with my son I contacted Silk Enterprises and asked what it would take to cancel the subscription. I was informed that they do not have a cancellation policy and that he is obligated to pay. What kind of company does not allow you to cancel a service.....especially magazines!! This company is purely out to scam people. We have no intention of paying this as we have asked to have them stop sending everything.

I looked this company up and found someone else complaining about this company (see below). Something needs to be done!

November 4, 2005

complaint: I was misinformed about the cost of a magazine offer, in which I applied a down payment of 39.97. to my credit card. I also stated that I did not want to pay the monthly rate with my card and that I would send in monthly payments when my billing statements arrived, which they did, 2 days before it was due? so they charged my card 39.97 again, which I did not agree to, or for that matter not for that amount for 33 payments! I have contacted this service to cancel and they refuse to do so, and keep billing my credit card. I can go on with more of the bs. that they have giving me but to long to go into right now! I'm considering just to cancel my card, but I do not think I should have to because of their rip-off scam. Thanks for listening.


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