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Beware of Signature Vacations selling holidays and then making changes to the package with no form of compensation or recourse! We were notified of a flight change a week before travel. Flight times changed from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm! coming back, arrival went from 3:30 pm to 2 am the next day! These are not flight times anyone would voluntarily choose when travelling with young children. Arrival at the resort was at 2 am! Arrival back into Toronto was also delayed and they lost the baggage for the entire plane for over an hour. Got out of the airport around 5 am!

Signature insists that it is allowed to make changes such as this. I can understand if changes are due to weather or aircraft problems but this smells of a bait and switch. They sell a "5 star" flight and then switch to a "2 star" flight.

I should have learned from my previous experience with Signature. Had a phone call less than 12 hours before departure that hotel was changed due to overbooking. Went from a 4.5 star down to a 4 star, again they didn't want to offer any compensation. That time I was offered the option to cancel at least. Couldn't take that option as my travel companion was already in the city of departure.

I will never travel with Signature Vacations again. Have never had any such experiences with Air Canada Vacations, Sunwing or Nolitours!


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  • Iz
      Oct 17, 2009

    Oh my goodness!!
    The same thing has happened to us for our Nov 2009 trip! In August we booked and paid the price for the 7am flight ..(we have a 2 year old and paid the $300 extra for the morning flight as we knew it would be next to impossible on the afternoon flight)..we now receive a phone call saying the flight is cancelled and we were put onto a 4pm leaving Toronto flight and a 2am return in Toronto flight!...with a 2 year old??...and not to mention that the 2am falls on a monday morning (original flight we would have been home by 8pm on Sunday night) are we suppose to have a relaxing vacation, knowing that we have to be at work 5 hours after we land (and that's hoping that the flights are on time!) .. btw the flights are still available with other carriers ..
    I can sympatize with your story! but I hope with some determiniation, my husband will be able to work something else out as we still have a month before take off!

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  • Si
      Mar 04, 2015

    We booked an Elite Plus trip to Aruba. On our trip there we were allowed to check in using the Elite Plus counter, extra baggage weight as well as pre boarding which are the reasons we paid for the Elite Plus option. On our trip home we were told in at the airport in Aruba that we were not Elite Plus and that we could not check in using the Elite Plus counter and were put in the regular check in line that took to hours. Once we arrived at the counter we were told that our baggage was 4 kilos over weight and that it would cost us $80 extra!

    We were sold a package for a 5 star hotel (Riu Antillas) which is definately not a five star (although the employees re fantastic!)

    DO NOT BOOK with Signature and expect to get what you paid for. "Switch and Bait" as one previous consumer described Signature is very accurate.

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