Siegel of California, Inc / Denial of Telephony Attack

1 Carrolton, TX, United States

Carson Rose made in excess of 16, 000 documented calls to our company. We did not know who was calling as they would hang up as soon as the phones was answered) It took in excess of 100 man-hours for the legal authorities to trace the calls back to Carson Rose. Our damages are in excess of 7 figures. Case is curently with law enforcement. (This can be verified with Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department, County of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California)
Carson Rose used sophisticated software to hide their identity as not even Verizon High Tech could trace the calls to the origin.
An expert by the name of Kevin Mitnick (google his name) had to be consulted to help with techniques to find the perps; Carson, Rose.
We have unequivocal proof that these calls were made intentionally.

We hope they go to jail.

Steven Siegel, CEO

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