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Sidekick Slide / Customer Service & Warranty

1 TX, United States

My daughter bought a Sidekick Slide in 01/08. Three months later the phone began shutting itself off and losing saved messages, but reloading old, deleted ones. I called TMobile, which they have on record, and reported the problem. I was told by the customer service rep that since we didn't buy the extended warranty there was nothing they could do. We were out of luck. Many months later I discover that TMobile warranties their phones for ONE YEAR. I discovered this because we had two new phones that had tremendous problems with dropped calls the minute you answered your phone. When I called TMobile I was informed they warrantied their phones for one year and I could send them back for a different phone. When I asked about the SideKick Slide I was told it was out of warranty - and had just missed it by a couple of weeks!!! I complained to several different reps and even managers, but like a bunch of automated machines, they gave me their rehearsed response of "It's out of warranty." They didn't care that if I had been given the correct information in the beginning I could have sent the phone in then for an exchange. I was told to call Motorola. Got the same story. So here we sit with an expensive phone that works part of the time and TMobile couldn't care less that one of their employees didn't know what she was talking about on the warranty. As soon as our contract is up - we're outta here baby!

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