SIA Kris Flyerservice

On 11 July 2018, I called up the SIA hotline (this was the only channel) to ascertain my kris flyer member number as I intend to book 2 flights - to Surabaya and Perth and to my surprise, your customer service, Meenakshi Saggu and Nabila Khan told me that they can't provide me with the number even after verifications and I must write in officially.
I don't see why they cannot provide me with the member number when a bank can do so over the phone after verifications. I also don't see any danger in giving the member number after vetification as what can a third party do with the number as there is no money (like a bank account) involved.
So I went ahead to make my flight booking without the kris flyer number. This resulted in not earning any point and not enjoying the perks of a kris flyer.
Please advise what is the use of spending so much money in promoting the public to sign up for kris flyer when your customer service (telephone) were so unhelpful and I think it s totally useless.

Jul 30, 2018

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