SIA / Disgruntled Singapore Girl curse and swear

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Disgruntled SIA girl curse & swear

SIA girl - also known as the Singapore Girl dressed in the distinctive "Sarong Kebaya" is known to be courteous, gentle, mild and demure.

However, I come across several posts dated 10 Jan 2011 which a particular Singapore Girl publicised on her facebook.

"I dunno why the co is so f*up. mc, minus points. sick but still go work, risk of getting written in. placed on sss before hkg. die die must give me one kul early reporting so that my hkg is maintained. i just want to quit so badly!"

In another post, "really f*up man. I wanna quit after my contract liao. where got promotion after 5 yrs one. u think i highflyer for kul, then standby again. sure give me back hk lor. If not for money sake coz due to my commitments, I'd have...".

I am dismayed to see this particular Singapore Girl cursing and swearing at her own company even when they have treated her very well. From what I know, SIA offers excellent renumeration package like free travel tickets to any destinations abroad, high allowances, travelling while working etc etc. This shows that Singapore girls cannot take hardship or appreciate what is given to them. Rather, they curse and swear whenever things do not go their way!

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