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SCAM Business: Shy Enterprises

Address: 717 W Ellsworth Rd, Ann Arbor

Scam Artist: Larry Shy

Product: Door to Door pressure sales of marked up Kirby vacuums

General Overview- Shy Enterprises lies and cheats people in order to make money.

Scam Employees strategy:

Shy Enterprises posts fake advertisements for job postings lying about what employees will be doing (customer service work) and how much they're being paid. After a few days of being hired as essentially an HR rep for the job you just applied to and taking phone calls you are "moved up" to Door to Door sales and not paid for your original "customer service" work. When selling vacuums door to door you are not paid what is promised, forced to work 15 hour days without lunch, told not to tell anyone what you do and denied promised commission payment on sales if you don't work 6 days a week, 15 hour days for 4 weeks and then denied payment for the sales you made and the original phone work (customer service) work you were originally hired on for. Shy Enterprises hires 5 new unpaid workers a day to do Larry Shy's work for him and denies them pay. Beware of Larry Shy and Shy Enterprises

They don't pay their employees as promised. Call [protected]. Tell them you heard they were hiring
and ask them what you will be doing. They will lie to you and ask you in for an interview for a customer service position.

Shy Enterprises Inc

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  • La
      Sep 23, 2010

    This is 100 percent true I worked for this company for about three weeks they promised me 500 dollars a week and a 500 dollar signing bonus and I did not get what was promised to me and worked dozens of hours for free. DO NOT WORK HERE.

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  • Cl
      Nov 18, 2010

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