Shy Enterprises / Consumer Scam / Fraud Alert !!!!!

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In my opinion this co. is dangerous and fraudulent in many ways!!!

Kirby Sales Distributor attempting to rip off the unsuspecting consumer. Issues go way beyond a high priced vacuum sale.

Check out Inside Edition & ABC News for more on Kirby scams. Check out the Internet and read all about them and other distributors.

Check out the owner, Lawrence Fredric Shy, on My Space. It will appall you especially if you have been scammed by this company.

If you have let them in your home or worse yet, they have any identifying info on you, protect yourself first and foremost. If you have not realized it yet, there are safety factors involved here. Make sure you document your experience. Contact the following for further help:

Credit Bureaus, Kirby, FTC, BBB, Attorney General, news media and a lawyer. Write reviews on Yahoo, Local, Yellow Pages, [redacted], Consumer Affairs, UTube and other consumer websites. Do not let more people be potentially endangered.

Anyone scammed, please note three addresses & different phone numbers for this company. This company has operated under other names and many more addresses than listed below. Make sure any of the reviews you write are being seen from all sites that still list Shy Enterprises at these former locations.

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