Shure Shot India / Fraud Tips provider

1 India

I'm Rajeev i paid 10000rs Sure Shot India(Ankit Verma)
ANKIT VERMA: we have started daily 1 to 3 sureshot call in which u earn 4000 to know more reply

My dear friends please do not beleve this Idiot, he is not a analyst, he do not know the
fundementals, HE IS A CHEAT.

After a week i'm in loss of 35, 000 and i raised a complaint against him in consumer forum,
because his service is not at all good.This Ididot deactivated my service because i raised a

complaint on him in consumer forum, i asked him to refund my money, he said that he would refund it in

2 days but till now he did not refund my money, i called him and i mailed him plenty of times but it

was of no use, and finally today he said that he would not refund my money.

Be aware he only mentions only profit calls in his website you can check from the above lost calls

you can't see these lost calls in his website.

600 points per month is all FAKE

THINK BEFORE YOU PAY TO THIS TYPE OF CHEATERS if these guys can make us earn 1, 00, 000(600 points)

per month just by investing 1, 00, 000 we can easily remove povery from INDIA.Every body can become a

millionaire within in a few years.

So my dear friends please do not subscribe to this type of idiots and do not loose your hard earned

Ankit Verma(Sure Shot India) Gurantee return ke naam par aapshe 10000 ya 15000 lega aur aapka losss hi hohga sirf losss Please dont pay


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