ShunBang Expressdidn't send the parcel to correct address, and refused to get the parcel back

My cousin(in LA, CA, US) sent me(IN Beijing China) a parcel on Dec.19/20 2014. On Dec. 25, we changed the address of recepient over WeChat with their customer service agent. She accepted the updated address. When we asked the company over their phone number posted on their website later in Jan. 2015 after the holidays, the customer service agent answered the phone said the address was updated and will be shipped to the new address. However, when the parcel arrived in China, it was sent to the old address in HangZhou.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Gabriel, CA We contacted the company by phone right away on Jan 28. By then, they are still not aware that the address was not updated successfully. And they said they will have someone in China to call me back. But by we received the phone call(many days after they promised to call back, and we have to call the company everyday during these days), the parcel was already delivered to someone we don't know. In order to avoid responsibilty, the company started to say that change of address is not allowed. And our parcel is still not found now. The parcel's tracking number is [protected].

Feb 05, 2015

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