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Shula's Restaurant / Worst restaurant ever

1 United States

This letter is to describe the events that took place at Shula's 2
restaurant on 4-20-08, me as well as 3 of my colleagues attended a
pharmaceutical diner sponsored by our local representative at the
“King’s” room at the Shula’s hotel. It was not my first encounter with
the steak house but will clearly be my last.

The experience started when a server came around to record our order to
which I place an order of a medium well steak, and my colleagues to the
left ordered a medium rare steak. When the steaks came out in few
minutes they were not only cold but extremely over cooked. I addressed
the server and asked for my ordered medium well and the response was to
wait for the manager, at which time the same men that took the order
appeared and said prior to even asking as to what the problem was. THAT
IS ALL WE HAVE, I found it interesting that he didn’t even care to ask
what was wrong! And responded but I ordered a medium well to which he
said: THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO!. As if not shocking enough that that
was the response I asked further for a steal knife and he said that OUR
STEAKS CAN BE CUT WITH A BUTTER KNIFE. I answered that I know they have
steak knives in the restaurant since I ate there before as well as
mentioned that this steak was so tough that I could not cut it with the
knife or for that matter even stick the fork into it. To which he
continued to argue by saying that the quality of the meat is superior.
At which point I simply asked him to leave since he was disrupting the
meeting I was attending with clearly no wish to appease or help me. I
latter on asked for his name to which the server refused to bring me
his card which I found unprofessional and offensive to add to the rude
behavior and inappropriate tone he used with me earlier.

Finally to add insult to injury when I asked for a box to take my steak
he server told me he has to check, I personally was shocked that there
was anything to check, then he returned saying that no boxes are
available and that we cant take the steak home. That was the straw that
broke the camels’ back as far as I’m concerned. This meal was a
disgrace to the Shula's 2 restaurant under the same roof and sharing
the name. We were explained on the exit that the conference rooms are a
different kitchen, to that I will answer still sharing the name and
reputation this should be forbidden. As for the treatment by the so
called manager (Jaime Garcia) all that there is left to say is SHAME on
him, he lacks basic customer service and even more importantly common
sense and possesses a very rude and inappropriate attitude for his
position. Me and my colleagues where so shocked of his behavior and
demeanor that we are not sure if retraining alone will suffice. For
such a negative attitude towards one patron should be forbidden
therefore such actions towards four should be unforgivable and
actionable at the least. That is why I will take the time to not only
write this letter but also disseminate it to all sources and any
available ear. To make sure all interested will hear of my experience
at Shula's 2 and the substandard crew that manages their events.


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