Shree Sanjeevani Structures Pvt. Ltd. (Shree Sanjeevani Group)illegal sales of plots and flats

Shree Sanjeevani group sells the illegal plots and the flats at high price (rate). the owner Sagar Prakash Shelke is a broker/ agent and not a builder. he sold land at high rates and the plots are not sold soon he increases prices and does not give possession. on getting other client of higher rate, he give the same plot/flat to that client.

I worked Shree Sanjeevani Structures for 4 months as a Recruitment Officer/ Business Development Officer. the owner of the company and the Managing Director Mr. Sagar Shelke did not pay the salary for any of the month till the end. Interestingly, during my interview and the selection process he said that the work is not target basis and then later after two months he said that now the work will be target basis and that if we do not sale his plots he will not pay us our salary. he asked us to first recruit BDOs and then make a sale for the company. Suddenly he asked us to make us a plot sale.. when the plots did not get saled he asked us to withdraw from the post and said that he will not pay us salaries. After workin for over three and half months he did not even give us our experiece certificates. The project on which he asked us to work is not even worth saling and the atmosphere in the office is not good in terms for girls. Now he is opening a school under the name of SHREE SANJEEVANI SHIKSHAN SANSTHA and he will repeat the same thing and not pay salaries and give targets. Do not join this company if u want salary.

Dec 17, 2014

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