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CBS overbooks thir audience tickets to the degree that a guard at the gate explained if you want to be sure to get a seat, you have to camp overnight (on the sidewalk?) to be in line early enough. I arrived at 7:10 AM, after traveling 1 1/2 hours to get there, 1:20 earlier than stated line up time of 8:30AM. The ticket was not honored due to overbooking.
While the warning in the fine print on your ticket does say not all tickets will be honored, sleeping out to make the cut is ridiculous. I noticed another complaint a year ago was treated siilarily.
I suggest CBS hire an airline travel booking agent to better manage their overbooking. It is less abusive to innocent travelors expecting to be part of the audience.

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  • Cu
      Feb 03, 2010
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    England, Channel Islands, Jersey
    United Kingdom

    I ordered a couple of show tickets from It was not until I got the email order confirmation that it was through a 4th party! Tickets arrived, great - thanks! Shame, they are FAKE and in someone else's name! I have tried and tried again to get my money back, but to no avail. They say these tickets are non-transferrable but it is ok for them to sell them onto a 3rd/4th party?! These are duplicate tickets - GUARANTEED! In the process of discussing this with Trading Standards so watch this space!

    I strongly recommend that we all boycott but more importantly, don't buy show tickets from them - they are not geniune. Customer Service does not exist even if you have spent hundreds of pounds with them over the years-it DOES NOT MATTER to them!

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