Shortline Ticket Sales / Store proprietor steals from customer

1 1002 Main St , Honesdale, PA, United States

Ticket Salesman “Shortlines” 60 year old woman and son in a move so bold, no one can believe them... or even prove that it happened.

“I want others to be aware of this…especially those of you who are vulnerable” says Patricia.

“The money is gone and I need to get another ticket. But it wont be in Honesdale!” she says

I went to a short line ticket outlet, Romans Deli, yesterday and paid $62 in cash for a round-trip ticket for the airport this Sunday.

The man, Roman, took the money from my son, who also bought a sandwich there. After taking the cash, the proprietor came to me and told me he already gave me the ticket.

I went through everything I had to show him I didn’t get it he still wouldn’t give me my ticket. Then he made copies of my license and passport. I don’t know why he did this because

I still got no ticket.

He kept our cash.

He claims a previous customer's receipt was mine...not true!

Pretty sorry thing when the store owners are stealing from their own potential customers! That guy could have gotten more from us if he had played nice!


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