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Shortline Bus / Ticket Sales Ripoff by Sales Agent

1 Honesdale, PA, United States

Store proprietor steals from customer:

Ticket Salesman “Shortlines” 60 year old woman and son ...Shortline Bus Co doesnt believe claim...does nothing.

“I want others to be aware of this…especially those of you who are impaired in any way” says Patricia. “The money is gone and I need to get another ticket. But it wont be in Honesdale!” she says

I went to a short line ticket outlet, Romans Deli, yesterday and paid $62 in cash for a round-trip ticket for the airport this Sunday.

The man, Roman, took the money from my son, who also bought a sandwich there. After taking the cash, the proprietor came to me and told me he already gave me the ticket.

I went through everything I had to show him I didn’t and he still wouldn’t give me my ticket. Then he made copies of my license and passport. I don’t know why he did this because I still got no ticket. He still had the cash.

This man told us he had to go through his books tonight to see “what happened”.
I fully expected a phone call from him when I got home but there was none. Nor was there a call today.

We gave him the evening to do the right thing but he didn’t.

I have no proof of the purchase as he wouldn’t give us any….but he has our $62 …I still need a ticket for my plan trip next Sunday and will pay twice…and I am now below the poverty line. That’s stealing from the poor!.

I told the man he was corrupt.
I want to the police but there was no evidence. My word and son's against his doesn’t count for much and crooks like this know it. Beware!.

Even more dissappointing was the reaction from Shortline.

I guess no one likes admitting they hired a crook...makes them look bad.

Now i have a new ticket...from New York. No problem there but it bothers me a lot that this creep is still out there, waiting in his shop, shotgun hanging in his window, victimising the poor!...and nobody cares!!!


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