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Shore Side French Bulldogs / HORRIBLE BREDER

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  • Ju
      21st of Mar, 2011

    I'm not sure you have the correct breeder or maybe you are just posting false information. Jordan Mills of Shore Side French Bulldogs (once Cape Cod French Bulldogs before she relocated with her husband) is an AMAZING person. After getting burned ourselves by a "bad breeder" I made sure to do even more research when we decided to get another Frenchie. We have spoken to a dozen breeders in the area and I have not met a breeder as compassionate and supportive as her. She bent over backwards to work with us and continues to be an important part in our lives. She provides all information upfront including AKC registrations, vet records, and has continued to health test her dogs religiously. She has even recently taken up good canine citizen training with her Stud. She goes above and beyond for all her puppies and their families. I recommend her to anyone and everyone I meet that asks about my Frenchie.

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  • Wo
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    I agree with the above POSITIVE comments about this breeder.

    What has me confused about this negative comment above is how you were "burned by bad breeder?" Not once did you mention how or why you were burned by this breeder? What was your relationship with them? Were you a perspective puppy buyer, just looking for information, or had you purchased a puppy from them?

    I have an amazing French Bulldog that I purchased from this breeder and I have been nothing more than grateful for the beautiful, healthy, and well-behaved addition that they allowed us to welcome into our family. The breeder was nothing short of professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable of the breed and what they were doing. The breeder was definitely not someone who was breeding Frenchies for the money. Money is the least of this breeders worries. These dogs were part of their family. We were welcomed into their home and able to see where the puppies were brought up! In no way was this a backyard puppy mill! The breeder's home was clean and lovely and the puppies home was sanitary and safe. This breeder went above and beyond to make this experience for us a memorable one. We felt completely comfortable with them and are still able to maintain a wonderful relationship with them!

    Regarding the breeders frequent is because her husband is a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer and his career requires moving around the country. It is not due to shady business practices!

    I just find it very unprofessional and disrespectful for a professional themselves to write such a disgraceful and tasteless comment to try and ruin a wonderful breeder's reputation! Obviously the Frenchies aren't the ones who are sick with mental issues.

    I would recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for a wonderful and healthy French Bulldog to add as a lovely addition to their family!

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  • Ev
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    This has got to be the most Bogus complaint I have ever read!! Jordan Mills of Shore Side French Bulldogs was and still is amazing.I purchased my first Frenchie from a terrible breeder who would not even return my calls once I paid for my puppy, I reached out to Jordan for advice and not only did she offer advice she drove 3 hours to help me & my Frenchie. She helped me find a vet that was knowledgeable with Frenchies and even helped set up the appointment and get my Frenchie there when I was not physically able to drive, these were all things she did NOT have to do because my dog was NOT from her. I have since purchased a beautiful healthy dog from her and we are still in contact and she visits me when ever she is on the Cape...I will always refer people to her she is amazing!!

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  • Ld
      24th of Mar, 2011

    This breeder is amazing and the comment is a complete lie

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  • Ni
      26th of Mar, 2011

    I am also a proud owner of not one but two healthy french bulldogs from jordan at shore side frenchbulldogs. I still keep in contact with her, and I know she does with practiclly all of her puppy buyers. So in no way was she forced to relocate due to shady business practice, I also met her husband who I can confirm is a helicopter rescue swimmer in the coast guard, and has to transfer every 4 years. I think to spread lies about a military members spouse takes a spineless human being, because it is not an easy lifestyle for any spouse who's family member serves in our nations military. My experience with Jordan and Shore side frenchbulldogs was better than any other breeder I have every met with, and have dealt with many, because I am a long time dog owner. She has the best intentions for both the puppy and the puppy buyers, and I know she has even turned people down because she didn't feel that they were going to be a good home for the puppy. And last time I checked a healthy litter of five puppies with two beautiful AKC registered french bulldogs as the parent's does not constitute a puppy mill!!! I can tell u from the bottom of my heart that Jordan of Shore side french bulldogs is in this business because she is a genuine dog lover and wants to provide people with beautiful french bulldogs to add to the family. I also have recommended her to many of my friends, and will contiue to do so. Trust me... once you meet wth her you will see these accusations made against her are complete lies!!!

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  • Ju
      19th of Oct, 2011

    I also disagree with the original complaint. Jordan is an FABULOUS breeder who is fulling invested in her pups and their families before, during, and after adoption. She thoroughly screens prospective parents and has been known to turn down people she does not feel can handle a frenchie. The first time we spoke- it was for hours. She helped me through a really tough time where I got burned by a "breeder". She made sure I was always comfortable especially with my previous breeder experience- invited me to her one several times (and still does), gave me every single record I asked for and then some. She has gone above and beyond what any other breeder has done. and continues to to this day. I recommend her to anyone looking for a french bulldog. She not only is a great breeder but an AMAZING person!!!

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  • Nm
      14th of May, 2012

    I cannot speak to the validity of the original negative review but I did not have as positive an experience as the rest. I bought my puppy from her and when I went to pick up the puppy he was up in NH with another breeder - Sheree. I thought he was Jordans puppy but she told me she was helping out a fellow breeder. Sheree told me the breeder was from Pennsylvania but because of a domestic situation (a divorce) she was going through she couldn't sell the puppies herself. But that they had known and trusted her for sometime. I knew people who had puppies from Jordan so I trusted her. My puppy wound up having health issues and I pushed to find out the identity of the original breeder. Immediately I was told I would be sent another puppy but I wasn't looking for another puppy especially while I had such a sick one. When I looked up the breeder I found out she was actually from the Ukraine - not PA. This breeder has about 16 females that I could see on her website located in the Ukraine. When I questioned Jordan about it she scolded me for questioning her and immediately sent me all my money back (i saved all my emails and would be happy to show anyone). Importing dogs from other countries isn't illegal and if my puppy didnt have problems I never wouldve known. But mascarading as a local breeder isn't right either. I visit her website often and see about a litter a month and if you read into them they are always cobreedings and rarely her own. I can't say they all come from the Ukraine I only know mine did and that I was outright lied to about where my puppy came from. She was very nice and those of you who didn't have issues with your puppies would probably just never know where they actually came from. Her co breeder is Olga Jhingan you can google her and find out for yourselves.

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  • Br
      9th of Dec, 2012

    I as well, have had a horrible experience with Jordan Mills. She did tell me that the dogs came from the Ukraine originally, and showed me all the wonderful homes she helped. After receiving my dog, he became sick with pneumonia. He was hospitalized for 5 days and acrued a vet bill close to $4000.00. After numerous contacts with her, she stopped answering her phone and would only communicat thru text. She told me all of the dogs were sick and she would be paying the bill on the others from that litter, but would do nothing to compensate me unless I would give back my dog, she would give me another one. The problems I had were numerous and obsurd. I contacted the state, who did an investigation on her, and she was ordered to stop selling the dogs because she was operating like a pet store without valid licensing. Also she was not following proper guide lines to importing dogs.(48 hour quarantine from all animals as soon as they enter their state or country). After she was ordered to stop, she began breeding herself because there is no license required. My dog has numerous health problems and I would be glad to show anyone the vet bills totalling over 15000.00. I recently found out that my dogs brother has a disease called IVDD and it is hereditary. Im sure many other dogs she sold came from the same parents, so please get your dogs checked for this, where as it is not a disease to be taken lightly. I have all paperwork that supports everything I've stated and would be happy to speak with any one about this matter. My email is [protected] if anyone wants to contact me. Please do your research, with Jordan its all about the money.
    Brendon Vaughn

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  • As
      30th of Dec, 2012

    I will say that i have only had positive experiences with Jordan Mills. Her home is clean dogs are spoiled and well loved. I have purchase a french bulldog from her and had nothing but positive experiences. All the parents are OFFA certified and puppies come pre loved including vet checked. She has a great communication with her veterinarian and her customers. Seeing her face book page you can see the love both her and her customers have together.

    Every breeder has had an unhealthy puppy here and there. If a breeder tells you they have never had any sick puppies they are lying. Any breeder who produces puppies will always have one here and there. All in all what you have to look at is out of all the puppies she has produced there is only a couple complains? Dont base your opinion of her from only a couple complains. There are some crazy people out there that are just out to get people. You have to think Not every child is born healthy out of the thousands every day? Neither is every puppy born in the world. No one ever asks for it it just happens.

    To comment on the comment above If Jordan Mills was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY then why would she put in such incredible effort to make sure they go to amazing homes, constant contact with the owners, certify ever one of her parents she breeds (OFA) Which also costs HUNDREDS of dollars to certify as well as constantly post baby puppy pictures as well as adult pictures of her previous puppies, and also take her dogs to an actual vet ?

    Some thing that was of much happiness and surprise to me is that my puppy learned house breaking from practically day one of brining him home. Some thing i can say if he came from a so called PUPPY MILL his house breaking would not have been as easy. Dogs that come from puppy mills are constantly bred, sit in there own feces, are caged without socialization, and the breeders could care less about the purchaser or the puppys health and well being.

    Jordan Mills is the closest thing to a perfect breeder! People who have posted untrue things about Jordan Mills shame on you. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. please feel free to email me I will always support her and look forward to getting another puppy from her! [protected]

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  • Il
      1st of Mar, 2017

    @Ash N I can tell you that I keep in contact with my pups brother and both were sick with IVDD.

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  • Je
      30th of Dec, 2012

    Brendan Vaughn, the exact same situation happened to my sister because of Jordan Mills. There seems to be a few people here that dodged a bullet with the dogs they received from her, however it does not mean the dogs they have Will live a long healthy life. My sister thought buying a dog from cape cod frenchies would guarantee her a healthy pet. She completely trusted this snake and when my sister contacted her to see if she had any upcoming litters she said no. She then told her she had a friend in Pennsylvania that she co- bred with and that she had puppies and she would get the puppy from her for my sister. My sister and her boyfriend were so excited and treated their puppy Bruce like a baby. From the beginning he seemed to have a few symptoms of being somewhat sick. He was put on antibiotics and they hoped for a healthy puppy. I think they got a few ok months with him and then he started to have seizures. They brought him to an emergency room the first time and after it happened again my sister contacted Jordan Mills. She seemed uninterested and did not want to answer my sister's questions about the origins of Bruce. My sister wanted to know more about his lineage so she could help her dog and figure out why at only a few months old he was so sick. After begging Jordan Mills, she finally conceded and gave her the email to the woman in Pennsylvania. My sister asked this woman questions and she accidentally slipped information that led my sister to find out this dog was from the Ukraine. To make a long story short, After over 10, 000$ in vet bills and Bruce having cluster seizures that would not stop on their own, and this poor dog having little coordination walking and jumping into things, and having an insatiable appetite, and not being able to sleep at night, my sister was forced to put him to sleep 2 days ago. We are all devastated over this and it all could have bee avoided if Jordan Mills was an ethical breeder. Bruce was alive for 20 months and I am so thankful he ended up in my sister's caring hands so that he could have somewhat of a nice life. . Any one of you that is ignorantly supporting this woman because you dodged a bullet of heartbreak should be ashamed of yourselves. You have all unknowingly supported a puppy mill and now that you know the truth should not be recommending this breeder to anyone. Jordan Mills needs to be shut down so this does not happen to anyone else.

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  • Pa
      12th of Jun, 2013

    I own a Frenchie purchased from Olya Jhingan in the Ukraine. My Frenchie is one of the sweetest, most well-behaved dogs I have ever owned. She also has had zero health issues and seems to be an extremely hearty girl. All dogs from that come Europe are not "defective". I think possibly some American breeders are ticked that they are cutting into their business perhaps? I also know of someone else who owns two Frenchies purchased from Olya -- in fact, it's the reason I had the confidence to purchase one from Olya myself! I purchased a Pug puppy from a local reputable shower/breeder and the poor thing suffered with so many ailments and had to be euthanized at age 9. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I think it can happen, whether your dog comes from the Ukraine or America! Sincerely, Jim & Lisa Parr (& Family), Surprise, AZ

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  • Td
      7th of Nov, 2013

    I recently corresponded with Jordan and was initially skeptical when I found that she had two websites. Even if her business was great, she wouldn't change the name of her company and create a separate website for the same product, right?

    I convinced myself that I overanalyzed the situation and reached out to find out rates, availability, and lineage/bloodline info. Jordan's correspondence was far from professional - she started each email with a simple "Hey" and did not ask me for any background. I offered some background and asked if I could have a form of application to fill out and she gave no reply. What kind of breeder doesn't want any background on who they are selling pups to. I have grown up with dogs my whole life and knew something wasn't right.

    Needless to say, I came across this site and have severed all communication with her. My girlfriend and I are a young couple who, if we would have purchased one of her pups, could have been faced with costly medical bills due to her shady practice. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a Frenchie looks elsewhere. With 95% of other breeders, you will find that they are interested in you and will be honest if they don't think you are a good fit for their pups.

    I feel sad for the two pups that she just sent us pictures of. I hope they find homes that can afford any medical bills that they might incur. It would be a damn shame if unethical practices lead to them being put down.

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  • Cy
      11th of Jan, 2014

    Honestly I am in complete shock after reading the initial complaint and the negative comments that followed. I am a HUGE supporter of Jordan and both Cape Cod Frenchies and Shoreside French Bulldogs. After a horrible internet scam experience, I was cautious and nervous about finding a reputable and honest breeder. I found that when I found Jordan. My boy is now 3yrs old. We had a rough first year with health issues but never ever did Jordan ask me to return him or did she avoid me when I was going through the issue with my boy. She texted me, emailed me and called me constantly offering support and assistance. He has been healthy the last two years and is the love of my life. I am still in frequent contact with Jordan and even put my aunt in touch with her. My aunt got her first pup from Olga via Jordan and he is a hearty and healthy Frenchie (2 yrs old). Jordan was 100% upfront with my aunt about where her puppy was coming from. My aunt just recently got her second baby from Jordan (not a European Frenchie) and she too is perfect in every way.
    It makes me so upset to hear people say such horrible and untrue things about Jordan. She is dedicated, caring, trustworthy, honest, responsive and very involved. You can't please everyone and these few people who may not have had as great experiences as most of us have had shouldn't ruin or scar the reputation of this wonderful person and responsible breeder.

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  • Td
      13th of Jan, 2014


    Hi all - I feel as though I should clarify a note from earlier. Unfortunately, I can't delete so I just hope to update here.

    Admittedly I drew conclusions about Jordan Mills based on various conversations and these conclusions were not ones that I am 100% sure of so I should have never posted them. I have apologized to both her and absolutely apologize to anyone who's time I have wasted.

    1.) She has two live websites operating under different names.
    2.) She was short and unprofessional via any sort of e-mail correspondence
    3.) She never asked me to fill out an application nor did she ask for any background on me.
    4.) After my original post on here, she reached out to me and asked me to delete it.
    5.) After that email, someone who worked at the same company that I did (at different times) and has one of Jordan's pups (who is happy, healthy, and a great dog) reached out to me to ask me about the post.

    I have since purchased a french bulldog from a great breeder up in Maine and am very happy with my decision to do so. Sorry for any and all confusion.

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  • Ju
      2nd of Apr, 2015

    My husband and I recently had a very negative experience with Jordan, who is now operating out of the Miami area under the name JEM French Bulldogs. We felt confident that she was a reputable breeder and, after having met with her, placed a deposit on one of her puppies. A few weeks later, we found out from a friend of ours that she was previously operating under the names of Shore Side French Bulldogs and Cape May French Bulldogs, both of which have several allegations against them for poor breeding practices. When we reached out to Jordan to ask about these allegations, she immediately refunded our deposit without any explanation (and without us even asking), and updated her site to show our puppy as being "available" within 20 minutes of her reply. We were willing to see if Jordan has a reasonable explanation for the accusations, but the way in which she responded only confirmed all of our concerns. Based on what we could gather, and knowing that she works with breeders in other states, it became evident to us that Jordan operates as a puppy mill would, and is exactly the type of breeder that reputable, certified breeders will warn you about. As heartbreaking as the entire experience was, we're relieved to have cut all ties with Jordan and have taken a different approach to finding a breeder. If you're considering getting a puppy from Jordan / JEM French Bulldogs, I would strongly recommend searching for a certified breeder on the site (you'll notice Jordan is not listed here). We also found that Jordan's prices were $500 - $1000 more than most certified, and even award-winning, breeders. Wishing you all the best of luck in your search!

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  • Ka
      3rd of Nov, 2015

    Jordan is an AMAZING BREEDER! I know because I purchased a puppy from her. My frenchie Conan has been nothing but PERFECT! He is healthy, happy, and so fun! Thanks to Jordan I have a new member of my family! Jordan has been nothing but amazing from before I put down a deposit until now, 6 months after having Conan home. Any questions I ever have I can text her and she replies with only the upmost professionalism and concern for Conan. Does she have to do that? No. Does she want to do that? YES! It's because she absolutely loves her work and cares deeply about the breed. I am absolutely shocked to read the above complaint because Jordan has gone above and beyond what most breeders would ever do. I can't wait to get Conan a brother from her next summer!! Keep up all your hard work Jordan!! Thanks again for all you STILL do for Conan! :-)

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  • Il
      1st of Mar, 2017

    @Kayla (Conan's mom) Can I ask who Conan's parents are? He looks so much like my baby that I got from Jordan.

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