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I would like to make a complaint on shopping essentials plus. I accidentially signed up for this. When I tried to call, numerous times, I was told the computer was down or they never answered my calls. Do not fall for this scam. Again, AP codes.

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  19th of Jun, 2007
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I just spoke with a person who said his name is ralph and his i.d # is 26389 explained i never open this account and i want the monies placed back in my account.

  6th of Mar, 2008
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I was just doing my annual review of the credit card bills (which my husband pays) and I saw the monthly $9.95 Shopping Essentials charge! OMGoodness, I was so mad! I called the number and got an automated operator who with just using my home phone number and zip code gave me my membership number and I was able to cancel it. Here is the phone number if anyone else had the misfortune to see this charge on their credit card bill.


  2nd of Sep, 2008
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I saw where this company had debited my bank account then deposited the same amount. Two days later it was debited again. I do not remember giving them my information in the first palce and I have not visited that website that I can remember so how did they get my info anyway? I did call and was told that they would refund the fee taken out but to be safe I will contact my bank and stop any withdrawals from this company. I have written down the info and will make sure I follow up. If these people take as little as $10 from thousands of adds up to a lot of money. It pays to stay on top of your bank or credit union accounts!!!

  3rd of Sep, 2008
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I also just called shopping essentials. I saw my checking account statement online and noticed the fee. there was a number next to the transaction, so I called them and cancelled. I just found out that and shopping essentials are related. I have bought certificates in the past from restaurants. com, and I dont like the fact that they gave them the information they needed to debit my account.

  19th of Jul, 2009
0 Votes - Fraud, $10 never arrives.
Vertrue Incorporated
United States is a front for a front for a front etc. You never get your $10 they promise. You might find this offer from,, or just to name a few. You buy something and they ask if they can sign you up for some service and you get $10, so you bite thinking some free money is on the way. You never get any letter which contains the way to get your $10. Using the mail immediately seems suspicious since these sites are almost entirely internet based and yet this one special step requires the mail. You can't fake cash, so this is how they use fraud to avoid not giving you the cash.

I would like to try and form a class action lawsuit for everyone who didn't get the $10, enough of use might make it worth suing over. See my search work below for what I was able to find out., a whois leads to:, and the email listed will bounce back., leads to NE and WA.

Further digging I found adaptivemarketing LLC, is it really an LLC? I don't know yet.

Further digging leads to the most substantial entity thus far and that is Vertrue, a CT corporation. (see ).

I am trying to work from VERTRUE INCORPORATED and find some connective string to

  22nd of Feb, 2010
0 Votes - Fraud, $10 never arrives.
Natures Jewelry
United States

Company Telephone Number not responding by ansewing phone.
Unable to verify validitity of enrollment!

  27th of Jul, 2011
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i agree im willing to join a class action law suit they ripped me off too.517 731 3101

  25th of Mar, 2012
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RIPPED OFF BY SHOPPINGESSENTIALS***********After reading Debby Cosner's comment from Sept 2008, I called and complained to them. The claimed that they were affiliated with in until 2009. The representative took down my information and said I will get the money back from all the transactions that shoppingessentials billed me... which has been $20.95 a month from 2009-2012...give or take about $750) within the next 2 weeks.

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