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Shoppers Home Healthcare / breach of confidentiality

1 Pim StreetSault Ste Marie, Canada Review updated:

My father had rented equipment from Shoppers, an oxygen machine. The assistant manager phones me at my home and demands the equipment back or bill me $100 rental. I told the Assistant manager he was in Arizona and wouldnt be back until March. This was mid-January. If they knew the rental was up, why did they wait until the last minute. I have no idea what was on the rental contract and what arrangements were made about the equipment. My father had told me nothing as he had only just moved in with me. He is of sound mind and he takes care of his own business himself. The assisant manager, Penny, raised her voice and started threatoning to come into my home and take the equpment. I gave her my dad's phone number in arizona and talk to him directly. she phoned him at 06:50 AM in the morning. arrangements were made to return the equipment- shoppers was to PICK IT UP. No one showed up while i stayed home ALL DAY for them. Firstly, there was no consent on their file to discuss my dad's business with me. I dont know about you, but i dont want my business discussed with my children. Secondly, why would you call an elderly person at 0650 AM? I had told the assisant manager there was a 3 hour time different, she was very ### back to me saying she understood so she knowingly phoned at an inappropriate time - isnt there some reference in consumer law that you are not supposed to phone people before 9 am? or even 8 am? why be mean to an elderly person and phone at 0650 am? How would you like a phone call that early in the morning from someone who is unorganized, and ### to begin with? No one showed up after arrangements were made to pick up the equipment - thats just unprofessional. Their staff also called me 5 times in less than an hour to collect their equipment because they didnt have a physician's order and were going to bill me. I had no dispute other than they should have discussed their contract and services with their actual customer which was my dad. I had no knowledge of whatever the agreement was. rather than follow up with the physician, or as me nicely to do it, no, instead DEMAND TO TAKE HIS OXYGEN EQUPIMENT SINCE HE HAS COPD, and is 84 years old AND DO IT BEHIND HIS BACK!

breach of confidentiality - is there a consent signed on file to discuss your services with someone other than your customer?
unprofessional conduct - stop yelling at someone, address them by name properly,
harassment (phone calls x 5 in less than an hour, and one call at 0650 AM)
accountability? show up and pick up the equipment if you made those arrangements

what kind of business are you running? with so many competing businesses in the community, you should be problem solving rather than belittling, harassing and being unprofessional. we will take our business elsewhere without any problem.

My dad's always paid his bills on time. Never missed one, not even when he was in hospital. Why be so mean to him now? what kind of assistant manager is running this business?

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  3rd of Apr, 2011
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Wish I could say that your experience with Shoppers Home Health Care was isolated, but it is NOT. Their practices border on barbaric on occasion. I am almost sure that management takes a training course to be so rude and offensive to our elderly population, the exact people they are trying to get as customers.

  4th of Sep, 2012
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I have been hurt so many times because of Shoppers Home Health Care, s lack of experience, improper installation of parts, safety belts tied on instead of using screws, I am a quadraplegic in a electric wheelchair with a tilt mechanism for my low blood pressure. Here is a picture of some of the sores and previouse scarring from the same chair. This chair is new but has been literally falling apart for the last eleven months since i have bought it and this is the third tilt that has been installed.

  27th of May, 2016
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The Shoppers Drug Mart in Windsor Ontario, sold me a used 4 wheel mobility scooter, which they said they don't sell but I do carry the receipt! They kept it for one year, and the only reason I said not too much is because they are always so busy, so after 1 year, they returned it after putting all kinds of money in it, to get it fixed, which they never did. I rolled right out into traffic. They cut the wheely bars off because they said that was the problem, all they had to do was change the tranny. So I am out all my money, no mobility scooter, and no one fixed it, the manager wrote us a letter to stay away from her store. that was how I was treated. As far as I know they have no customer service dept.

  6th of Oct, 2016
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SHC took grant money from PC Financial for my disabled son. They were supposed to put in matting for his safety. For MONTHS going into an entire YEAR they never came and installed the product. Made excuse after excuse. Come to find out she said she never ordered it. It was measured wrong. I lost it. Called Head Office in Toronto. Had it installed within the week. Done.

  6th of Nov, 2016
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Because he's not illegal or on welfare

  19th of Apr, 2017
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I would like to buy a large body wedge for my mother who is 89 years old for her spinal stenosis pain. Her existence body wedge is too old and I need to buy her a new one. I called Shopper Home Health Care department on 685 McCowan Road April 18, 2017 and customer service replied that I have to go to the store to check it out. Actually I had done an online search on home health care website for that body wedge product but to no avail. On April 19, I do research online for the product of Body Wedge, it pop up with the company, they have the body wedge and I called them. They respond that they are wholesale and I have to go to Shopper Home Health Care for the product. Vitacare medical explains to me they have the most current invoice for the body wedge order from 685 Mccowan Road was end of March 2017. Vitacare customer service provided me with the part No. for those products that they sold to Shopper Home Health Care. As a result, I call 685 Mccowan Road again and provide the information and whether they can order or sell me the body wedge, the customer service insists on not carrying these products. I got so upset and frustrated with the customer service that I received from the store at 685 Mccowan Road. They are not going to help and that is the result of Loblaw took over Shoppers. From the bottom of my heart, everybody will get old and needs the health care product one day. For my case, I end up feeling upset and frustrated as I cannot provide a need for my elderly mother.

  25th of Jul, 2017
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Bought a top model 3 position lift chair at Shoppers Home health Care 15 years ago, and never a problem. One day the chair quit functioning, so I looked at the remote, found out that it had batteries in it, and some plastic looked melted. The batteries were dead, went to replace them, and the control started to get really hot. I took the batteries out for safety reasons (Fire). No one ever mentioned that it used batteries as a back-up, and the remote is quite small, so previously I couldn't imaging that there may have been room for batteries..
Went on line to Shoppers web site to get a price for another chair. There was no way that I could see a price on any of them. This is disturbing, I wanted to buy a chair but without knowing it's cost, is not logical.
Next best thing to do, call for possible repair. Mike the repair person could only come in four days. I explained to him the problem, and he said that he needed to see the chair.
The first thing that he stated was, "I have never seen this chair before", after a while he mentioned that he needed to take the control to the shop for research, and I knew the answer no parts available - too old.
A few hours later he called, "Can get parts for repair too old". Asked to speak with the manager Emilia. I need a new chair lift for my mother, since I bought the other one there, the purchase should be simple.
What do you have in a 2 position chair, my mom slept too much in the 3 position old one. Emilia stated that she had one for $1097.00, and she could give me a 20% discount. Asked how I would pay for it, no problem Visa, and gave her all of the information. What colour is it, Burgundy, great when can it get delivered, and take away the old one. 4 o'clock, perfect.
I waited until 4:30, then I called, is the chair going to be delivered today, no, it will have to be tomorrow morning, that is fine. Mike called I am bringing your chair now, and this old one comes in 2 pieces, easy to take out. I'll be outside having a smoke waiting for your arrival. Please take the old one out first, easier & room for the new unit.
Looked at the bill to sign, everything is approved. Hey Mike there is a $ 150.00 Delivery charge never discussed. Mike called Emilia, said that customer was unaware of the charge, and handed me the phone to speak to Emilia. There is a $ 150.00 Delivery charge here, to which She said well that you wanted the old one removed, and She would give me a $ 25.00 credit. I could give my neighbour $ 20.00 to get rid of the chair, if I knew that, and a delivery charge can't be that much, Just bought a $ 1097.00 chair. Too much trouble to change the paperwork, so I gave in reluctantly.
Mike called an hour later, what is your Visa Number etc. for the credit, Emilia misplaced your info. The Visa bill came, and no $ 25.00 refund there.
So how do I actually know if it is a good deal, or not, unable to see any prices on line, for any of the chairs. No chance for additional savings if the same product is put on sale for less, at least be able to verify what I bought.

Poor Business Ethics.
Mario Petrilli

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