shoppers discount (1) shoppers savings (1) / unauthorized card charges

1 CT, US

the charges are listed on my bank statement after reviewing

the charges were listed (1) shoppers discount for $12.00 &
(1) shoppers savings for $ 12.00

I ordered some cd's online from collector's choice music and bingo all of a sudden I was getting charges = $24.00
per month. These charges have been taken out every month for 4 months. I had back surgery in May so I was not on top of things but opened up my statement this month and flipped. I called and was told I would be credited for all charges which was a total of $ 98.00.

Got phone#s [protected] shoppers discount
[protected] shoppers savings

The phone numbers are printed on transaction line on the card ststement.

Anyone wishing to file a formal complaint, please contact me at [protected] I am located in California and plan to see what can be done even if it means hiring an attorny in CT.

This is an illegal scam and they need to be stopped!!

I can use all the help I can get. Anybody know a good attorney?

Linda Hedell

shoppers discount (1) shoppers savings (1)

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