shoppers choice / unauthorized charges

1 CA, US

If you were scammed by shoppers discount / shoppers savings

They were sued and had to pay a settlement the time frame was from 09/11/2000 thru 09/30/2008.

if you were not part of this settlement and were scammed like myself

I have written a letter and sent certified mail to the judge on the case:

Judge John Joseph Moakley
United States Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

I wrote to him and explained what happened to me. In my case they scammed me after the deadline on filing.

The company is still out scamming people and has not quit thier illegal practices even after they were ordered to pay a settlement. They were found guilty of violation of state & federal law.

Maybe if enough people complain, we can put these jerks of of business.

Linda Hedell [protected]

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