Shopper Fraud

G Review updated:

After clicking on The Train Line's website on "Click here to claim your £10 cash back incentive on your next booking" I got a series of deductions from my debit card by Shopper Discounts and My Time Rewards.

Norfolk Police say that card fraud is "not a police matter". Normal for Norfolk as they say.


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      Aug 06, 2009

    I have had the exact same thing happen to me since buying tickets from the Train Line. What canbe done about it? Can we instruct the bank not to allow it? We certainly haven't authorised any direct debits.

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      Aug 06, 2009

    The exact same thing happen to me. So how we could stop it then? anybody solved it already?

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      Apr 16, 2010
    Shopper - Fraud
    United States

    I, like many others, have just noticed that this company has been charging me £10.00 each month. My credit card number must have been taken when I bought tickets through Ticketmaster last November November.

    I have never given authorisation for this and on phoning the number I found on the "voucher" I printed off at the time - this number is unavailable.

    How have others dealt with this with it being a credit card ? I have just phoned Capital One and they won't speak to me as I am not the primary card holder.

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