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DO NOT order from, I was one of those stupid girls who bought a dress (NAWD2012) from them and it was horrible!! I got exact measurements and submitted them Sept 16th. I received the dress Nov 24th for my wedding on Dec 20th. The Champagne was an ugly gold color. The dress was double the size plus a foot longer. There were only 3 layers instead of 6 so there was no fluffiness like the princess pictures. They added sleeves which were so large I could fit my legs through them. There was no support (bustier) in the body of the dress, only cheap cardboardlike material for the boning. You have to tie it extremely tight in the back to get any shape to hold. The line that separates the waist from the stomach came up past my bellybutton. The rhinestones were just shiny cheap material. The tiara I also ordered was NOT the one I picked, it was big and gawdy but was delivered in broken pieces. The veil was a peice of material that looked like it was cut with jagged scissors. There wasn't any mesh or lining just a giant peice of material. I looked like Fiona in her wedding dress from the move Shrek!! In the end we went to Amanda's Bridal, rushed ordered a dress, got it in two weeks and it was beautiful. I ended up spending $1100 plus the $400 that I can't get back.

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  • Fi
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Hi, Fiona here in Dublin, Ive bought my dress from Shop of Brides, and the only thing I can say is that my dress was beautiful exactly what I wanted and more lovely in reality. It wasnt until I read this site that I took notice... you see I couldn't close the back of my dress, It was 3.5 inchs too small! I thought I measured up wrong but checking the email with my measurements against the measurements of my dress, It was way off and WRONG.I have now managed to get a brilliant lady who is a qualified dress maker to look at my dress and is going to do a job on it to make it perfect.I had to go out and shop for a fabric match which I was lucky to find and then I have the expense of having the dress altered.Noe in defence of Shop of Brides, they have offered to make me a new dress and send my old one back, but I have fallen so in love with this one that I refused and thanked them.I did however ask them to make a gesture of good faith by sending me a petticoat and they said they would send me one only when I submit an order for my bridesmaids dresses! Anyway hope this helps, and like everything you should never judge all with the one stone, while I do agree that there are dresses that are fawlty, there are also dresses that are so beautiful like mine, I would'nt hesitate in recommending Shop of Brides as it is an excellent service and I was able to track my dress all along too.It is a very efficient site and I found that I got the perfect dress, even if I did have a minor problem.Hope this helps, Thanks, fiona in Dublin, ireland

  • Ro
      1st of Apr, 2009
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  • Do
      14th of Dec, 2009
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    i was going to purchase a dress from but when i contacted them they couldn't give me any real proof that they were a real company all that they told me was to read their reviews and that would say it all well it does not say anything has anyone ever dealt with these people and are they for real or am i going to get a messed up dress and not love it at all any information about these people would be great wheter bad or good any is helpful

  • Ds
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    I'm so worried about the dresses I bought at I ordered them (3 of 'em) january 15th...still haven't got them yet (it's april 15th) . Ann (the one who anwer the mail in the beginning when you want to make an order) wrote me the dresses will be send out tomorrow...she wrote me that 3 weeks ago. I wrote her at least 20 answer! I'm so worried!!!

  • Je
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    there are live chat system on their website, you could chat with their service on their work time 9:00 to 5:30 beijing time.

  • De
      27th of Mar, 2011
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    With any online shops you are always taking a risk in ordering a dress and depending on the dress, each one is a different size not one dress is the same and your body is different too. My suggestion is order a bigger size and have it token down and have it resized to fit your body. Thats what I did and I love my dress from

  • Sa
      19th of May, 2012
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    I got my lovely dress3 weeks before wedding from
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for my wedding dress! It is absolutely amazingly beautiful! I have to admit that I was a little skeptical ordering the dress online, but I couldn't have asked for a more beautifully, well made dress! They have done such a wonderful job, and customer service was above and beyond excellent! I will recommend you guys to everyone! Again, thank you so much...I can't wait to wear my beautiful dress on my wedding day!

  • Sa
      14th of Jun, 2012
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    some of the wedding photos just for reference

  • Ma
      16th of Aug, 2012
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    I already ordered my dress at, thay suppose to send me shipping number two days ago, but they didn't and they even do not answer my emails.. I really got worry.. Btw, i can't access the website at all.. They might block my IP address, any idea?

  • Br
      5th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes - I would highly recommend you to stay far from this company
    United States

    Shopofbrides is a scam company and located in China and not in USA. I was one of the victims of their fraud. steal images from designer's web-sites to deceive buyers. Later, I discovered that the picture with the dress I liked was stolen from the Joli Bridal web-site.
    I am sure that my story is like many other stories. I liked a lot a dress from their web-site. I was so naive to believe everything that is said on their web-site and stupid enough to only check testimonials on their web-site instead of finding real reviews.
    I have paid 360 dollars for the dress and rush delivery. After two months, instead of wonderful wedding dress from the picture I have received a very poor quality copy barely reminding the dress from the picture. When I wrote an e-mail with my complaints and picture of me in this dress, seller simply refused to accept return and give money back. No doubts, it is a pure scam company.
    I had to buy another dress a few days before wedding as it wold be shame to go in the one I've got from shopofbrides. Any white dress would look mch better that what I have got from Chinese scam company.

    I would highly recommend you to stay far from this company. They also have twin web-sites, so be extremely careful. When you begin to proceed to checkout, look at the address and you will see that it is China.

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