They go to the extreme to not refund you your money

On 01/21/2015 I called the company to let them know that my dress was damaged because it had red dye around the collar which I'm severally allergic too and I couldn't even try it on completely. I sent the dress back on 01/22/2015 my receipt stated the dress should arrive on 01/27/2015. I called the company on 02/02/2015 to make sure they knew to read the notes due to the dress being damaged. I was advised that they will inspect the item and process the return soon. On 02/19/2015 almost 3 weeks later, I received a call stating my returned couldn't be processed due to a rip in the collar. I advised the company that the dress was not ripped in my possession and even if it ripped when I opened it or tried it on I would have called them right away just as I did regarding the die to return the item because that means it was damaged especially if I didn't even get a opportunity to wear it yet. I pleaded to promised over and over that the dress was not ripped and if it was It would have been a valid reason for a return and I would have notified them just as I did the other concern. I feel that an employee ripped it accidentally and is not trying to place blame, it's been several weeks and I would assume that a ripped as big as the one in the picture sent to me by the company would have been immediately noticeable. I asked for a picture and it shows a rip in the collar, which is not normal for dresses to rip. I advised them that even if the dresses ripped in my possession they are still at fault because that means the dress was poorly stitched and even if I tried it on and it was too small a dress shouldn't rip in the collar if it was made and sewn properly. However that was not the case because I did not send the dress back with a rip in it. They are trying to prevent from returning my funds due to their fault. If the dress ripped without me even wearing it they are still at fault. The dress had no stains or odors which means it was not worn.

Feb 19, 2015

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