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Shopflipflops / KENT/ JESSICA MENDES

1 Philippines Review updated:

It was November 11, 2008 since we started doing transaction with SHOPFLIPFLOPS. But the catch here in our case is, they used another company name to front, maybe because there are already hundreds and thousand of complaints against SHOPFLIPFLOPS, then what they thought was to use another name, the RASI COMMERCIO DE VESTUARIO LDTA. The person who was communicating with us was MR. SILVA (they shouldve at least used another name away from, and no obvious connection with, JESSICA MENDES DA SILVA. Funny huh?).
The communication started thru a trading website then we exchanged mails.the first thing that I asked was, (good thing we never missed to save each and every mail they sent and all our conversation). Mr. Silva at once sent us an order form, the order form was owned by SFF (see attached document for the exact order form sent to us), of course I asked Mr. Silva why he was using a SFF order form, the conversation goes:

i said: "by the way..havent got your full name yet?
and are you conected with shopflipflops as indicated on the worksheet refering us to"

Mr. Silva said: "We are not shopflipflops but we used similar spreadsheets as it is a great spreadsheet to order.

I when do you intend to pay ? We accept paypal, bankwire and western union.

thank you,


But then I have to confirm and investigate about this company, then after a month of investigating about the said company, RASI (btw, at that time though I am aware of the SHOPFLIPFLOPS is a SCAM, but i have no idea of the people behind SFF and how they do it, scamming people), on December 23, 2008 in the afternoon the final order form has been submitted then on December 23, 2008 in the evening invoice has been sent back as response to it. But it took me few more weeks before placing the payment, due to having second thoughts and for some other reasons. Mr. Silva sent me this message thru mail: (not edited)

“yes you can pay through western union or paypal. if you use paypal you need to add 3.9% fee as they charge alot for us and we then need to get a check and the bank charges us too!

paypal account : (send $2390.66 usd)

if you want to send western union send to :

name: Jessica Mendes da Silva
Location: Curitiba, Brazil

Please tell us either way and we will confirm the payment. “

> JESSICA MENDES DA SILVA- KENT’s boss, head of SFF, recioient of our payment

So there, on January 07, 2009 the payment was sent thru WESTERN UNION under to the exact person Mr. Silva asked us to send it, JESSICA MENDES DA SILVA.on January 9, 2009 he said:

“Thank you for the information, we have successfully picked up the funds and deposited them to our business acccount.

I wil have the warehouse start to pick the items today.

thank you.


Then after settling the payment, we exchanged more mails because it took them weeks before they sent it. January 27, 2009 a package from them has arrived ( so away from the 5-7day thing they have promised after placing the payment. The package contains only 50 pairs of flipflops out of 186 pairs that we have orderd (a familiar modus from SFF right?). We confirmed this with Mr. Silva and what he has given us us was lame excuses and promises.

They have sent the package thru FEDEX(AIR2100) along with the COMMERCIAL INVOICE and DEBIT MEMO. These papers are signed under the shipper: KENT M. SFF. (see attached documents, original copies)

> KENT M.– JESSICA’s right hand, the exact person who was in charged of sending the package, with his sign on the documents.

> SHOPFLIPFLOPS- company name, the name that has scammed a lot.

After long weeks of waiting we just decided to demand for refund instead, since it has been a long time already, and we been receiving complaints from our clients already everyday. Some may ask, how come after a long time its just now that we have posted complaints. That is because we have chosen silence fixing this issue since Mr. Silva was complying with our mails, though it took him so long before we get his response.he has been explaining his side though we have second thoughts believing them, we have tried to communicate with them as peaceful as possible. But now, we don’t receive any mail nor response already. It has been 4 months and 19 days since the last mail we got from him. It says:

I told you many times we need to send the money to your bank, we do not use western union to send money. It is our company policy and brazil has rules aswell.

Please send us your bank account details. we can have the money sent to your bank.


After the bank informations has been sebt we heard nothing already

And now going thru all the countless complaints the SFF has, we have realized that this people has to be put into shame and wants a dirty conversation first before they would comply to their complaining clients.they will take advantge of the clients who so not speak, they will take advantage of them. Sad part is, it has to take us almost 8 months for us to realize that.

They will be sending you way less of what you have been ordered. They will be making excuse like:

Then when you demand for refund, it will take you so much time, mails and you might have to alarm them first before they settle everything.

They are way too good making excuses and making lies.

It has been 7 months, 15 days since we placed the payment for our order, yes, our money have been hostaged by this people with no conscience for this long, regardless of the people that will get affected, just for them to earn money. 3months from now, it has been exactly a year since this nightmare started. All we ever wanted was the refund to be returned or at least the rest of the flipflops to be sent. Since for the past few months we have already been receiving countless complaints, threats, badwords, worst is, being accused of being the scammer.and from now on I will never stop posting blogs like this til KENT M. and JESSICA MENDES DA SILVA would at least take us seriously and stop taking us for granted, because its not just me nor my sister has been affected but the whole family, due to countless complaints and shame we receive from the clients.

Im leaving the decision to the readers of this complaint to judge it.if people behind SFF cant give respect, then they dont deserve it either. il never stop filing cases and complaints till they give me back whats supposed to be ours! yeah they earn lots from scamming, from evil acts, i doubt if they will ever be truly successful and karma free


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