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I have ordered a Junta Military Style Jacket - Army Green / M on August 2016. Now we are almost on April 2017 and nothing. I have been waiting for this jacket for about 9 months now and it costed 67$. I am a college student and money isn't what i have right now. I talked once to Stella Rose and she explained that they had no control over their shipping and that their would be delays. But 9 months when its written "Many of our items are sourced in bulk from global suppliers, so our products usually take between 10-30 days to arrive, though in extremely rare circumstances can take longer." it is pretty ridiculous. The order is #271452. I would love to have the Jacket, but if i don't receive it soon enough i would like to have a refund. Soon enough meaning that if i don't get it within 3 months from now, i quit waiting and want my money back. Deal Man, you guys have a nice collection of clothing but how do you expect me to buy anything from your delight team when you are not even able to handle the shipping of items properly. If of course you guys are a legit company and not a bunch of fraudulent people.

Mar 29, 2017

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