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      21st of Jun, 2012

    I ordered shoes from Shop-Cora on June 9, 2012. They never arrived. I also didn't get any kind of confirmation, although Shop-Cora did take my money via Paypal. I emailed Shop-Cora and got not reply. I've filed a report with Paypal and also with a website called Scambook. If we all stay on this, we perhaps can help put Shop-Cora out of business.

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  • An
      5th of Jul, 2012

    I just got my money back from Paypal, so I want to let you all know exactly what you need to do not only to get your money back, but to help put Shop-Cora out of business.
    1) Do an online complaint to, via their website.
    2) Call Paypal!!! The online complaint isn't enough. You need to call. Go to to ask to call. They'll give you a 6 digit number to use when you call. You can bypass most of their automated voice prompts by saying, "Agent" at any time.
    3) Paypal will contact Shop-Cora. Some of you never received anything from Shop-Cora. Others of you received either sponges or shower caps. In either case, part of this scam is that Shop-Cora will tell Paypal a tracking number for what they sent you. Then Paypal will ask you to return it and provide them (Paypal) with a tracking number.
    4) DO NOT RETURN THE SPONGE OR SHOWER CAP!!! Call Paypal again and tell them what happened. Urge them to put Shop-Cora out of business NOW. They will decide this case in your favor and you will get your money back. I did.
    1) Shop-Cora used to be called "Rios", and operated a similar scam, which was put out of business by Paypal.
    2) The Shop-Cora website was made using I have reported them to this company and urged them to shut down Shop-Cora's website asap.
    3) Please file a report to this online international scam watchdog, which will also work to shut down Shop-Cora:
    Let's shut down Shop-Cora and stop more people from being scammed!!!
    Good luck--Andrea

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      12th of Nov, 2012
    Shop-cora - Payment is complete but I never received the shoes
    United States

    Ordered shoes for $33.75. Paid through Paypal. Payment is complete but I never received the shoes. Email to shopcora was never answered. Phone number is not a working number. I have filed a depute with Paypal.

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      24th of Nov, 2012

    The same thing happened to me in August 2012. I ordered shoes from shop-cora that were $83.25. My card was charged through pay-pal and I never received the shoes. I filed a complaint with shop-cora numerous times online and never got a response. Tried calling and the number doesn't work.Then I also filed a dispute with pay-pal and never heard back from them. Since August I have found numerous sites with many other people that have been scammed by shop-cora and they also have filed complaints to pay-pal so I don't understand why pay-pal doesn't drop them! I thought that pay-pal was supposed to be a safe way to pay!

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