Shooting Sports Northwest / Constant Gun Range Noise & Lack of Respect for Preexisting Neighborhoods

1 Bothell, WA, United States
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The company began business about 2 or 3 years ago. For the first year or so, they lived in harmony with our neighborhood. Most of us had lived in the neighborhoods for 10 years or more before these people came to the area with a gun range so we were concerned, but it stayed peaceful and reasonably quiet until a few months ago.

Suddenly all of us were bombarded from day til night, 7 days a week with loud, constant popping and gun noise. Some neighbors up to 3 miles away were complaining. Frustrated we tried to contact the owners who basically ignored us. We do not want to file a class action suit for noise against them, but they are driving us to distraction, especially since some of our neighbors are elderly and some are stay at home moms who are constantly being assailed with this awful noise.

The noise itself is now less constant but it seems exceedingly loud for a company that has invaded a neighborhood. Our house prices, already on the decline, are worsening from potential buyers being put off by the noise. All we ask is for better soundproofing! We have no objections to the gun range itself. However, if you are going to move into a populated area with guns, it should be noted that it is better to live in peace with the pre-existing neighborhoods then to develop so much ire and anger. Please install stronger sound guards, that is all we need!!!

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