Shoes.comUGG boots - FAKE

I recently ordered a pair of classic tall UGG boots from for $160 - the list price for these shoes. They weren't discounted - and the site seemed pretty reliable. However, when I got my UGG boots, I discovered that they were fake. The soles were white when they were supposed to be black, the inside lining is supposed to be shirpa, but it's fur. However, at first glance, the boots looked real until I did some research. The outside of the boots were not soft suede like my other pair of UGGs.

This company sent me a faulty pair of UGGs. I'm in the process of sending them back - and I hope they give me my money back.

If I wanted fake boots, I would have spent the $7o and gotten them on eBAY. Please beware from where you order shoes - only order them from reliable Web sites like department stores or from the company itself. I'd hate to see anyone else jipped.

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