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Beware. This company advertises through and bills your credit card and then ships the wrong item. They pulled this one twice on me already. They list an item in stock and bill and ship the wrong item. Takes a month to get a credit back on your card. When you call their customer service each time they said they had a warehouse error and they will ship you the correct item. They never will! Now I have to chase Amazon to credit my card back. Both companies are picking up the float on your money.’s customer service people “Kristine” in particular was totally obnoxious on the phone to me today just as they were the last time they tried to pull this same scam on me!.

Stay away . . . use for shoes instead. Never had a problem with that company when buying shoes online.

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  • Kr
      28th of Jan, 2008

    I had a similar bad experience with They did ship me the correct shoes - but they double-charged me for the order. I had to argue with them to refund the second charge. However - this roally screwed up my ability to return 2 of the 3 pair I didn't want. They said they couldn't refund me for something that was already refunded. No matter how many times I explained that it was not refunded - only the double charge was refunded - they said that I had to prove that i was charged for the orginal 3 pair. What must their books look like? I think the IRS needs to check their accounting practices if they can't show a sale for the 3 pair I purchased. Its on MY credit card statement! This whole issue has been goining on for OVER 1 month and still has not been resolved! Use Zappos!

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  • He
      7th of Mar, 2009 - No Communication
    United States

    I've repeatedly had difficulty order from this company. They sent the order late, never responded to my emails inquiries about where the order was, then when I returned the item (too big) for a refund, it's been over two weeks now and I've heard nothing and no one will respond to me! STAY AWAY from Use or instead, I've never had problems with them.

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  • S7
      27th of May, 2010

    I ordered a pair of shoes, I was charged more than the advertised price, then told they didn't have that shoe. I was told to pick another shoe. I wanted my money back. THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY. DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I have waited months and they have a new excuse every time I contact them. I have contacted the consumer fraud division of the District Attorney's office hoping to get some help.


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  • Sa
      14th of Dec, 2012

    I purchased a pair of shoes from them, the wrong size was send & they were scuffed. I returned them. They sent me an email saying a refund was made to my card, but no refund showing in my bank accnt. I called bank, they researched it, and NO refund has been made. 3 days after "refund has been made" according to i called them, spoke to supervisor Susan frm Corporate Office in St Louis & she stated refund has been made. When asked for a authorization code for that transaction ( my bank told me to ask for it since that's what proves the refund was actually made ), supervisor Susan said they do not have one and it takes them 5 business days to even get an auth code for the refund transaction. I told her i knew that's not true, because for EVERY transaction ( weather a purchase or a refund) there is a reference number trail, and if the refund had indeed been made as they are stating, then there would ABSOLUTELY be a ref #, or authorization code attached to the refund ( that's how its kept track of where the money is, when it goes or comes, proof purposes, etc..). I insisted on getting my banks supervisor on the phone since she kept on being obnoxious & repeating the same nonsense over and over ( we refunded you 3 days ago it's your bank's fault they take a long time, and then switching to it states on our website it takes between 2 to 10 business days to refund the money) and lying to me in my face about having refunded the money, but she immediately wanted to get off the phone. Not before declining to answer my question about who owns and operates them and where exactly is my money at ??!!! The supervisor was VERY obnoxious, unhelpful, condescending and avoiding answering the questions that needed answering, sounded well rehearsed on how to lie to people & give the run around about where people's money were at, & didnt offer any form of resolution, follow up, apology or incentive for the problem !! This is beyond the $115 dollars they are holding without cause after lying to you and telling you they have refunded it to your banking institution and its the banks fault & that it takes 2-10 business days to see the refund & there is no reference # for the refund they supposedly placed 3 days ago, this is a matter of principle!!! This company holds on to people's money for up to 2 weeks AFTER they lie to you in your face and tell you thery have already refunded it & get away with it!!! Regulations that make these scammy practices unlawful MUST be placed in effect!! And its US, the consumers that need to get together and make it happen!!! I for one, will be reporting to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and to my State Attorney's Office and start looking into petitioning for implementing regulations against these predatory practices of companies suc as If you also have had issues with them, PLEASE REPORT TO !!! That's the ONLY way will start feeling the heat and maybe stop scamming people of their hard earned money!! Don't just vent on here, it does nothing to unless you take 5 minutes to file an official report online against them with, AND NEVER give your business again !!! RIP OFF COMPANY, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM & if you've been scammed/ripped off by, REPORT them to BBB.COM !!!

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  • Sa
      15th of Dec, 2012

    UPDATE for info you need for complaints against SHOES.COM : is actually named BROWN SHOE COMPANY AKA FAMOUS FOOTWARE !!! Their Headquartes is in St. Louis, MO . File complaint at input the name Famous Footware, choose the headquarters location w the PO Box address in St Louis, Mo, fill in the complaint info & submit. Be sure to ask BBB to sanction them & lower their BBB score accreditation, and BE Sure to respond to the emails ull get from BBB, because if u dont, they will file the complaint as "resolved" due to the lack of response from customer(you).> Lets all get this shady predatory company that takes advantage of its customers to stop doing so!!

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  • Dg
      20th of Jan, 2013 - No Communication
    United States

    I ordered shoes and never got any communications from them. After two weeks, I called them and they said, "oh, yea, we don't have those shoes". How could any company sell something they don't have? If they had a problem with the order, why didn't they contact me? If it weren't for my initiative, I would still be waiting.

    Customer service was completely unhelpful.

    Good luck to anyone to anyone dealing with this company.

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  • Fo
      20th of Jan, 2013

    The way a business can sell a product that they don't have is because in between the time you placed the order and they time they got to your order for filling it, they ran out of the product. That is easy enough to figure out. When you order online or from a catalog, you aren't billed until the order is filled, so just chill out.

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  • Ma
      28th of Aug, 2018 / - Did not receive 12% on my purchase of January 19, 2018
    United States

    Ordered a pair of shoes costing $69.27 . Order # 123095442 Ebates was suppose to give me back 12% of my purchase. I have yet to see any email from Ebates updating my account.

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