Shlomo Sixth Rent a Car Hilton Tel Avivextra charges for gas and mileage

Good day,
I rented a car from shlomo sixth Hilton Tel aviv.
I returned the car after 4 hours and dropped the key in the mail box.
What a surprise I got when I saw that the agent overcharged me 22usd for fuel and another 15.30 usd for extra km
the rental of the car per day is 35 usd.
First I would like to point out that I filled the tank with gas prior to returning the car and put it at the same level which was slighly less than the full tank. I noticed it upon leving the dealer but since I was already on the highway did not bother to come back and show it to the agent. So I did fill it the same way it was.
What the agent did, and I suspect it was a fraudulent intention, was to charge me the equivalent of a full tank as an extra.
I am not surprised since the agent at the Hilton Sixth has done in the past many times, since I am a regular customer, but since I was already back to my country Canada, did not bother to argue.
Once, twice, 3 times goes..but when it becomes a habit and a fraudulent intention it is my duty to denonce this type of attitude from a dishonest employee.
Furthermore he charged another extra 45 kilometers on top and above the 150 km that we are entitled to, .
I left the Hilton Tel aviv to the waldorf astoria Jerusalem which is less than 150 km and because i decided to return the car before the 4 days reservation, he tried to find a way to overcharge me.
The reason was simple: the car was somewhat old and did not have the rear back camera that is needed nowedays to drive in the narrow streets of Israel
Moreover, he ask me to leave the premises of his offices when I came to explain that he overcharged me.
Obviously he was embarassed, knowing that he fraudulently overcharged me.
I am convinced that this individual practises this kind of abuse on many customers who are tourists and who do not have time once they go back to their country to argue and discuss those fraudulent charges.
I ask you to please correct the situation and moreover to warn this employee of the consequences of his dishonest behaviour be it me or anyone else.
best regards
charles Lugassy

contract number; [protected]
client 45733
agreement 55643
station 79 tel aviv Hilton hotel account; [protected]
reservation 3398421
shlomo sixt rent a car

Shlomo Sixth Rent a Car Hilton Tel Aviv

Jul 11, 2018

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