Shlomo SixtUnexplained fees

I am extremely disappointed with the services offered by Shlomo Sixt.
We made a reservation to rent a car at David Ben Gurion Airport online via, and the price was good, 98 British pounds for 4 days. In the same site, I asked for the basic insurance and cancelled the full insurance.
However, when we arrived in Israel, we had to wait one hour and 40 minutes in order to be able to speak with the company employee. There was a small queue, with about six people in front of us, and the process velocity was unbelievably slow.
When someone, who was very rude despite the waiting, finally saw us I was asked if I wanted to "cancel the deductible" (?) without being explained what it means. I said I wanted only the basic insurance, but the full insurance was added to the contract without my permission. She also offered a new "amazing service" with pre-paid fuel with the same price of the gas station, but without saying that I would be charged for a full tank no matter how empty it would be in the end. Therefore, the tricky part is not explained to the clients, which makes me feel the company is lying to people and cheating on them, trying to make money without being honest with them from the beginning.
I ended up paying extra US$ 153, 00 after having paid already 98 British pounds and despite returning the car with half-tank fuel.

I have never had this kind of very bad experience with serious companies like Avis or Hertz before, where the staff is adequately trained to deal with clients and there are no hidden fees.

Daniel Rolnik

Apr 11, 2015

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