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Today, [protected].16pm, I got a call from Shiningyourcareer, name of caller told as Priya. Incidentally, I am a retired banker and have registered with and was in search of an employment locally. The caller informed that my name is shortlisted for HDFC and AXIS Bank for the post of AGM for Palakkad. She asked me whether I am willing and I said yes. Then she told about the package and other things and can negotiate with the Bank concerned also. She then asked me to come online and then only they can link. I told her that I will come online after 15 mts and I got her call again at 4.43pm. She asked me to go to and submit my profile, then came a payment instruction, to pay Rs.1850/- . I asked her why this and was not told earlier and again asked whether it is a confirmed job related matter or otherwise and she affirmed. I made the payment using debit card and then she said she is transferring the line to another person. He asked me to go to services- social media page and asked me to fill the details then appeared on the screen another payment commitment of Rs.1950/-. Then I told I am not going to make any further payment and these things were not told to me earlier and they should refund Rs.1850/- collected from me. He said that is not possible and if I am not interested in the job, there are several others in the queue. Then I said this is cheating as there was no mention of these payments. He said I need to make further payment also. Then I felt having trapped, and I told him that the matter will not be left so easily as it is hard earned money and this is nothing but online cheating. After about 15 minutes deliberations, he told he is not asking further money and will send me an ID and verification and other procedures will be done by HDFC directly. While the first caller spoke to me in English, the subsequent caller (male voice) has not told his name despite asking saying that he has told his name in the beginning itself. So a team is operating behind the scene.

After the phone call, I googled and found that is having lot of registered complaints against since Dec 13 and they are roaming free.

In the interest of all career aspirants, I am posting this complaint here, to be beware and also planning to take up in an appropriate forum for stopping this once for all and booking the culprits.

Jan 06, 2015

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      Jun 03, 2016 - Online transfer of payment

    I received a call today (from+[protected]) that I have been shortlisted for a position with Wipro, TataConsultancy Services, Amul india at Hyderabad. First some junior guy spoke. When I told that I am interested in the position referred over the phone, he told that he is transferringthe call to his senior. That person was Mr. Rahul and he asked me to logon totheir website -
    For Registry He directed me to make payment of Rs. 1850.00. I thought that it is registration fee and made online payment. After that
    Upon login in he asked me to click"career alert" and there it was mentioned Rs 2250.00 as payment. He tried to rush this part asking me to click "proceed" and mentioning that he could send the requirement details only after this process. I refused and he was insisting me to pay and tried to convince me as if I would never get a job if I do not register with them. This annoyed me and I disconnected. Again Sombody chouhan, Rahul like person has come on phone debates that I has to make payment. I denyed for making further payment. Then He said Good Bye and disconned phone.

    Many job sites offer free services, and premium services also. For which They will give company address, representative details etc. But these people denyed to give proper reply.

    This company clearly looks like a fake one.Beware!!.

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