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Hello Sir
The undersigned would like to submit the following for your good self's investigation and expose' in your esteemed news magazine.
There are certain companies spread out all over India who swindle gullible Indian citizens of their money in a perfectly legal manner. Mostly the victims are persons who are retired from service who seek additional income for the family and seek a business opportunity to keep themselves occupied in some way or the other.

These companies follow a modus operandi which goes something like this:
They place a small advertisement in leading newspapers in small cities and larger towns calling for investors and offering them a business opportunity with reasonable monthly income. The Indian public, innocent and gullible as they are fall easy prey due to the smooth talk and marketing strategy.
They are offered a business in manufacturing Paper plates, CFL lights, tube light chokes, electronic dolls and LED bulbs among several other. They collect an initial sum towards the cost of equipment and training and raw materials; prepare a bogus agreement with all sorts of terms and conditions also promises to buy back the finished goods as well. They do supply the machinery and materials as promised.
But then, soon after starts the ordeal - once the initial batch of material is manufactured and ready, they shut out this particular ‘manufacturer’ completely. Whereas earlier they used to call every other day now they do not pick up the telephone at all under one pretext or other.
Such companies are spread out mostly in the capital – NCR and other areas. Yours truly was duped by one such company in Delhi – although he was extra careful by making a personal visit to their premises and inspected their facilities and their bogus documents and customer lists.
It was machinery for manufacture of paper plate—once the initial batch of finished goods reached their premises... they began to make stories… the transporters themselves was in cahoots with them. Together they made up a story that the goods were damaged and hence cannot make payment for the job works.
The undersigned is utterly devastated – having lost a few lakhs of rupees - not knowing what to do now or how to proceed about recovering his lives' earnings or preventing others from getting duped.
Kindly help in this so that other poor persons do not get cheated like this poor gullible Indian citizen. shall provide all details of the company and their methods.

Dec 16, 2014

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