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Shideler Dermitology / Faulty billing

1 755 West Carmel Drive, Suite 101Carmel, IN, United States
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I am very disappointed with the billing department at Shideler Dermitology. When I first went to this dermitology office in 2007, I never had any problems with the billing department. I think this office outsourced their billing service to some other group, because we have to call a 1-866 number for billing concerns. Anyhow, I have already received four faulty billing statements since May 2008. The first two faulty billing statements were for a treatment I received in June 2008. I already paid my co-payment for two treatment. But the billing department didn't make note of my lump-sum copayment. So they told me to pay the co-payment amount. Luckily, I had a copy of my receipt. Had I not saved my receipt, they would have made me pay for a copayment that I've already paid. Now, the third and fourth faulty billing statement is for a laser treatment service that I received in September. I guess they decided to charge me the full amount because I never scheduled any follow-up appointment with the receptionist. Of course, since I'm running out of money, living off of student loans. So I was surprised that I got a bill from the office, stating that I have to pay for the amount my insurance usually pays for. I have already paid the copayment for that service. I ignored that billing statement. But a week ago, I get another same faulty billing statement in the mail. I call their 1-866 billing number, the lady says somebody would call me back. Nobody called me back yet. This is very frustrating. The medical care at this dermitology office is good. That's if you get to see Dr. Stephen Shideler, since he's busy and doesn't work long hours. But their billing department really needs to shape up and get their act together.


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