shfactopiPad pro

I have received a promotional email about the product on my email, and have added the supplier in my Skype list. I have chatted with him, and he gave me a deal, including all the taxes and free shipment to my country, and home address.

This is not my business, and I have ordered the product only for my personal use.

After making a payment of USD 388, he gave me a tracking number which is not traceable. When I asked him the same on Skype chat again, he said I need to pay another 180 USD, to get my material.

His name is Parker Liu, and his phone number is :
His Skype Id is: mt1680

when I have questioned him strongly about the same, he stopped responding to my messages, though I can see him online on the Skype.

Kindly resolve.

My email id is : rs.[protected]


Apr 13, 2016

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