Sherwood AutomotiveHarassment

Sherwood Auto use to be Butch's Auto shop. But it has recently been taken over by new management. The people running that place are complete ###. About a month ago i took my vehicle in for work because it was stalling out. They told me that i needed my water pump and my fan replaced. And that they would keep it and look at it over night.

Meanwhile, one of my girlfriends who has recently received work on her car there as well, and had accompanied me when i took my vehicle in, started getting texts from one of the mechanics. At first he was just being friendly and asking her general questions and trying to make small talk. Then he started asking personal questions and she quite texting him all together. The next morning the same mechanic called me and told me that the work i needed would cost me about 300 to 400 dollars. I was fine with that and told him to proceed with the work.

That night he texted my friend again. This time he was extremely inappropriate and my friend told him she was not interested in him and would not be interested in him at all and asked him to please quit contacting her. The next morning i received a call from him telling me that they had not yet begun work on my vehicle because they had found a lot more problems. I was told that i needed my fuel pump replaced, that all of my barrings were out, that i had extreme electrical problems... to the piont of explosion, among various other things, they told me that my car was only worth 1000 buck tops. They told me that it would take 4500 dollars to fix my car and that was only if everything from there on out went well. They told me that they only had my best interests in mind and that they would help me sell it trough their shop and help me find another car. Well being that less than 6 months prior to that they did a check up on my car and said it was in great condition, this imediatly sounded fishy to me so i told him i could get the labor cheaper some were else.

I ended up taking it to a GREAT mechanic by the name of BILLY WHITE who fixed my car for 360 dollars and that included a towing fee as well. He fixed my crank sensor, replaced one of my barrings, changed my oil, fuel filter, and spark plugs. Sherwood auto shop never even mentioned my crank sensor. My car runs better than it has since i bout it a year ago. And by the way the work that my friend received on her car ended up to be faulty as well and she had to have another mechanic correct the work that they did.


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