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1 Roissy airport Charles de Gaulle, France, FR

I came back from vacation in NYC with my wife on wed. nov 22 at 9am, landing in Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport France, we had 5 hours to wait for our train back home. As i am traveling a lot and saw a lot of hotels around the world, but never tried Sheraton, this i thought was the occasion. Tired as we were and hungry we wanted to have a nice breakfast in your establishment. We did not expect it to be cheap, but ok no pb, we asked at the reception desk how long they served breakfast and how much it would cost per person.
They told us until 10.00 AM and the price was 33, 00€ per person. So we decided to go for it at 09.15 am.
So far so good: The lady at the entry placed us at a table for two.
The buffet seemed good and appetizing. I wanted to have a coffee and go to the machine, when i realized that i had no cup, my wife had one, i asked for one and got it, i went to the machine and wanted to have my american coffee but could not because there was no water in it, the waiters told me so, i would have to wait or take a double expresso but i did want a regular one, so then i decided for tea but could not do it either because the water dispenser was empty too, after 15 minutes finally i got it, but i only settled for tea because the coffee machine still did not work. The crêpes should have been warm, they were cold, there was neither a spoon or fork to take them, some waiter when he put the glasses on the buffet, put his fingers in them, i had no napkin either to wipe my mouth, remembering that the lady who placed us seemed not to notice that the table was in fact laid only for one person, a trolley was inmidst the restaurant with rest of food in it, because we saw that they were already preparing the restaurant for lunch at 09.45 AM. Then at 09.50 of course the lady from the entry placed the bill for us : we understood : now leave.

Honestly: i have never seen something like this : In my early days i have been working in the Mercure hotel chain, never we could have done things like this with our customers, as i said i am traveling a lot since more than 20 years a consultant in the automotive business, saw a lot of hotels, we came back from the US and the staff was amazing, (Citizen M in Times Square) excellent service, as i am used to it in the US : so i thought it would be the same in your establishment especially for the price 66 € for 2 persons.
Please give me your feedback about this.
Otherwise this would be my first and last experience with Sheraton and i will tell my experience.

Sincerely yours.
Matthias Weber
Mobile [protected]

Nov 25, 2017

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