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I had requirement for Toshiba USB 1TB Hard drive, so after lots of research on Google came to know about ALIBABA. Registered my request, i did receive request from various Chinese sellers. So after lots thinking and research i went forward with Shenzhen YouNeng Electronic Co., Ltd
Office Address: Huaqiangbei, Futian Area, Shenzhen City
Cell Phone No.: +86-[protected]
Office Tel No.: +86-755-[protected]
I was in touch with Ms. Taylor Wong. She had initially told me that the product is a high copy but not to worry about the quality.
So after lots of thought i went forward and transferred around 250$(for 5 hard drives) to Company account in HSBC. After a day she confirmed that they have received the money and the shipping would be initiated immediately.
So after few days i got a mail stating the DHL tracking. Checked on DHL website, it was not working. Informed Ms Wong about so she informed me to wait for a day. So again i tried it after few days, but still the same. Informed Wong, this time got a mail that, they have shipped using EMS.
Got a apology mail from Wong, tried to track it on EMS, it was traceable.
Finally after a week i got it.
Checked it came to know that 2 are dead on arrival. The rest of the 3 were working fine but if try to move more data, it just hangs. Sometimes it gives error.
So i informed Wong about and this is there reply
"Yes, I'm here!

My boss told me that it is the quality of the high copy product, so... this is the reply for you!"

After this mail there is no contact, as my mail has be blocked from there end.
In my case i didnt loose much money but BE AWARE people.

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