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We are PRESTADESK (Congo, Brazzaville) and we are suffered and victim of scam and fraud by Shenzhen Senpu Electronics Co., Ltd. (, Senpu notebook battery factory, SENPU CPR,, asia, laptopbatterycpr). Jianyang Wang aka Owen Wang recovered our money from Western Union but He did not send our batteries our DHL tracking nimber since 24 february 2012. Denny Heliang aka DennyHe is also a scammer and frauder and he works with Jianyang Wang. DennyHe is a sales officer who sent a PI (proforma Invoice to Us).

In past we order for batteries and we received it but this time, Owen and Denny refused our calls and to answer to our email. DennyHe tell to me that I lost my money ans Owen did not ship goods to us. This a scam, fraud, arnaque, escroquerie from chinese supplier, exporter (exportateur), manufacturer (fabriquants, usine), factory locate at Shenzhen (SENPU or scam and fraud from china).

Jianyang Wang [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

Denny Heliang as sales officer [protected], [protected], [protected]
This two guys are a scammer and frauder from China (Senpu notebook battery factory)

This denonciation of scam and fraud by Senpu notebook battery factory computer battery laptop (, Senpu notebook battery factory, SENPU CPR,, asia, laptopbatterycpr)

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      5th of Apr, 2012

    After a campaign against SENPU CPR or or on this site, Denny Heliang aka DennyHe told us he had convinced Jianyang Wang aka Owen Wang to send ordered batteries.

    Will have one disturbing fact is that we have received a mail from DennyHe and Owen Wang on the same day at the same time with a difference of one minute only. Perhaps dennyHe and Owen Wang are the same person or work as a whole.

    I asked how Denny would send me the batteries since it is not he who collected the money at western union? How Owen Wang will send the batteries while it would also resign SENPU CPR ?

    We received another invoice to ship packages with another header but with the same people.

    All that remains unclear to this day.

    What matters now is that we were able to force these people to send us our ordered batteries by attacking their reputation on the Internet and we denounce them as we have done through different channels.

    We got our batteries after long effort on Monday, April 02, 2012.

    They are scammers and fraudsters located in Shenzhen, China.

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