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I Have paid for products online and I have not recieved them yet. I had paid for electronic products and paid $503USD for the products and $233USD for customs. I have been sent falsified documents and false pictures of the parcel. I have constently asked and it has been 2 months now and I have been given the run around. Here is a list of products: 1 Iphone 6s Plus 1 Iphone 6 1 Iphone 5 1 Ipad mini 4 1 Ipad mini air 3 Hoverboards 1 Gopro SD card I have supplied proff of purchase but I have been ignored and they keep saying that it stuck with customs. We have proof that we had paid them. Please I need your help. I have given you a copy of the order and the bank payments. Tai

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      Jan 15, 2016

    Hi I bought 130 pcs of necklaces the last week, I dont know if the "seller" is the same, his name´s Hansam
    He said that my necklaces arrives to me after the payment, more and less in 4 or 5 days, but I havent my order and I called to China and he answered and supposendly he sent my order yesterday and he sent me the number guide for DHL, but the number guide is false, I think that is the same seller because the address in your comment is the same that I have, I am really angry

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