Shell / rude owner/clerk

On 3/31/17 I went to the above Shell station at 3625 Kirkwood Hwy in Wilmington, DE 19805, to utilize the Moneygram service. As I stood at the counter the owner/clerk an East Indian man, ignored me as he drank his bottled water. I then informed him that I would like to pick up funds from Moneygram. I gave him my license and reference number. The amount was 245.00. He then looked at my license and said "the machine says call Customer Service". I asked him why and he said he didn't know why. I then called Customer Service while I was in the store. I was told that there was no issue and I should have been given my money. He then asked to speak with the owner/clerk. There was one customer that he was waiting on and when he was done I asked if he could speak with Cust. Serv. He ignored me and I asked again. He then said I have customer, to which I responded that I am a customer as well and I have been standing here for a while. He again ignored me. I then told the Customer Service rep that I would find another location as I do not have time to deal with this ####. I then left the store. There was no reason for this individual to not give me my funds and certainly no reason for me to be treated this way by him. This is a VERY negative business practice and I will not patronize a Shell station in the future. Please address this issue as I feel that after looking at my license I was discriminated against by this individual. I realize there are cameras in the store so these statements can be easily verified. Definitely not a good garment for Shell to wear.

Apr 03, 2017

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