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Sheldon Cleaners / Damaged clothes, poor service!

Grand Rapids, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 616.454.9490
I took three new dress shirts in to be dry cleaned. I made a special request and paid to have the shirts dry cleaned only and specifically said DO NOT LAUNDER. Sheldon decided or made a mistake and laundered the shirts. They shrunk and lost the finish on the shirts. The shirts had never been laundered. They had only ever been dry cleaned. When I complained to Sheldon, they did an analysis and said they where in the right to choice another type of cleaning even though I requested and paid to have them dry cleaned. The shirts came back after the analysis dry cleaned. The shirts where not pressed and looked and felt as bad as before the shirts. The customer service person I spoke with was rude and very unhelpful, telling me it was my problem with the shirt manufactures and that Sheldon did not do anything wrong. It was to late to restore the shirts to their correct size or fabric finish. They said that they would not do anything more. I will never use Sheldon Cleaners again. I also go out of my way to tell others not use them. It has been surprising how many complaint story's about Sheldon that I have heard since this experience.


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  29th of Feb, 2008
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I have been going to Sheldon's for many years and have never had any problems with the cleaning of my clothes. If you took the time to look into the laws you would find out that by law they must follow the care label, that is why the manufacturer is required to put one on the garment. Dry cleaning the shirts would have brought the same results,it sounds like the company that made the shirts created the problem.
  30th of Jun, 2008
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Sheldon Cleaners - Why I was baned
Sheldon Cleaners
803 burt0n
Grand Rapis
United States
Phone: 6162451897

This place stained a new shirt that I had never worn, when I complained after they tried to have it cleaned again and couldn't get the stain out, they sent me a check and baned me from the establishment for complaining. If you want damaged cloths and bad service go here...
  1st of Jul, 2008
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Cleaners are not in the business to ruin clothes or they wouldn't have a business. Sounds like you spilled on yourself and didn't notice it. Why would you take a new shirt to be cleaned?
  5th of Jul, 2008
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I agree with everything that has been said. I would also like to add that they are extremely expensive. I have lived in much larger cities, and I have never seen prices like those at Sheldon. They are twice as expensive as other equivalent chains in other major cities such as Detroit and Chicago.
  5th of Jun, 2009
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I took my husband's jeans to Sheldon cleaners and of course, the label on the jeans says to dry clean. In reference to the preceding message regarding laundering our items. In essence, the jeans shrunk and now Sheldon Cleaners is stating that they stretched the jeans to the size indicated by the label. This shouldn't have to happen if they were cleaned the way the label and the customer specified. They are over priced and provide poor service. We never had these issues with the same product in question at other dry cleaners in other states. WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!!
  25th of Mar, 2012
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Sheldon is the WORST dry cleaner that I have ever used. I will not recommend them to anyone nor will I use them again. You can always tell when one of their employees comes on the internet to defend this company because it is ALWAYS the manufacturers fault in their eyes.
  25th of Mar, 2012
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Sheldon comes on these boards after every complaint and blames the consumer. Check out every complaint board with Sheldon Cleaners. This gives you an idea of how they treat their customers.
  4th of Jan, 2017
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@SiriP I agree 100%. in every other business the company that is successful meets the needs (and sometimes demands) of customers. Not Sheldon Cleaners. The technology of the day (like this) will start to correct that deficit. Clearly eroding customer confidence by other customers taking the time out of their lives to post real situations will correct the problem. Hey Sheldon Cleaners, fix your service or suffer the consequences!
  3rd of Aug, 2014
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I had two shirts come back with unknown stains in the front pocket area with the same symmetric spots on them. Will never use them again Holland Michigan
  4th of Jan, 2017
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We had a problem with Sheldon Cleaners too - they simply did not clean our clothes in one visit. They say "it rarely happens", that was what the rude management lady of the Holland Location said to me. Rarely happens? Rarely happens that you take money but forgot to provide the service? No, that should NEVER happen. I have used cleaners all my life and I am 52 years old. They used to provide a great service and starch shirts like cardboard, remember that? Not anymore. Ask for heavy starch and see what you get back. They blame it on chemical companies and everything other than their profit model has changed. God, I hate inefficiencies in organizations who pretend to provide a service and then forget, but don't forget to collect for the service not rendered. Stay away from this incompetent organization. If you value the clothes you wear, the way you look in this world, don't let this company ruin either for you.

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