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Sheldon Cleaners / Read this before using them!

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Sheldon Cleaners is located in Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas. My experience with them is as follows:

I took in a relatively new and expensive comforter made by Croscill which cost me around $300 for the comforter alone. I took the comforter in for spring cleaning. It was not heavily soiled nor spotted. I called before I took the comforter in and asked about how long it would take. I was told on a Friday that if I get it in before noon that I could pick it up Saturday after 3:00pm. I was absolutely thrilled.

When I went in Saturday to pick up the comforter, I was told that it was out for re-cleaning because it didn't pass inspection. I asked why did it need to be cleaned, it was very lightly soiled and I mean VERY lightly. Anyone else looking at it probably wouldn't even have known I had slept under it. I asked them pointedly, what did you do to my comforter? Did you damage my comforter? The woman kept insisting it just needed re-cleaning which I really didn't understand why. The only reason I took the comforter in for dry cleaning instead of going to use one of those large washing machines in the laundromat is because the manufacturers instructions state as much.

So, I went back Monday to see if my comforter was ready. I was told it wasn't dry yet. Dry yet? I took it to be dry cleaned, not washed. I asked why it had to dry. When I was finally able to pick up the comforter on Tuesday, it didn't smell like it had been dry cleaned, I'm sure everyone knows the distinctive smell of dry cleaning. When I saw the comforter I thought it looked a bit strange and flat. I figured maybe they use those space bags that take the air out of the comforter and it fluffs back up when the air hits it. Nope, they didn't. When I took the comforter out of the bag, I no longer had a comforter, I had a bedspread. My big, beautiful, fluffy, expensive comforter was now flat. I was not happy.

I called their main office and left a message and wanted a call back. No one returned my call so I went back to the cleaners for the 4th time to speak to a manager. I asked her what happened to my comforter. I went over everything I had asked her the first time I went back to pick up the comforter and the questions I had the second time. First she asked if the comforter had been cleaned before, it hadn't. She said that it was obviously not a good comforter. I pointed out that Croscill IS one of the "better" comforters. She then tried to tell me the comforter was old. 3 months is not old. Then when I once again tried to get her to explain the re-cleaning on a lightly soiled comforter she got nasty and said if I brought it in for cleaning then it must have been dirty. I explained to her that I was spring cleaning (obviously not a concept familiar to this person) and that everything is cleaned during spring cleaning.

I asked her to explain the comforter having to dry for so long and asked if they washed the comforter instead of dry cleaning it. She went on to say that she knows cleaning and it was cleaned according to the manufacturers instructions. I asked how could she possibly know what all the employees in there are doing? No answer to that one.

They wanted me to submit the comforter again to correct the problem. I asked her was she kidding me? They had it 5 days and tried twice without getting it right, why on earth would I give it back to them for them to mess it up some more? Then they talked about sending the comforter in and paying $35 for some council to determine if it was their mistake. Why pay $35 for something I already knew was their mistake?

The manager was rude and the owner was even ruder. I was yelled at, swore at and threatened when I tried to determine what happened. I checked the BBB complaint site and discovered that they have an unsatisfactory record. I wish I checked before going to them. I guess I thought I would trust them because this is a pretty decent town and MOST people here believe in customer service. Thank goodness I treat the people that frequent my business better than this. I wouldn't have a business if I didn't. These are people that definitely don't need to have a customer service oriented business.

I hope other people will check the internet or BBB before using them. I sure wish I had.


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