Shelburn Elementary School / Bullied special ed child

1 Shelburn, IN, United States

This elementary school assaulted my son who was 12 at the time and refused me as his parent to view the videotape shown this assault. My son was supposed to have special considerations due to his health impairments and emotional disability, and this was in his I.E.P as well. Instead they let 3 older and larger children continue bullying my son for a year until he defended himself one day and used that day to not only persecute me as a mom saying he might not me taking his medication, and then kick him out of school saying I refused their said punishment for him when all I was asking them for was due process for my son. Indiana law article 13 special ed safeguard procedures were supposes to be in place to protect my son from this and me as his involved educated parent. Still videotape isnt in my possession, after I seen it from my attorney having to supena it, I was APPAULED ! This principlal Lisa Hollingsworth had intentions all along finding away to get my son transfered out of her school due to their fault in not following policy and Indiana laws governing my child's federal protected rights to education ! I guess they didn't want to admit their guilt or accept responsibility for not protecting my son, even though my letters and phone calls concerning my son were not taken seriously but taken as personal attacks . I hope she never continues her career and one day my son story will find the attention from the media it still solely deserves though its been 2 years now. This school even found my sons absentee father, ( their words, not mine), and knowing he was abusive in the past worked w/ him which helped him getting my son living with him, and dropping the 700.00 $ child support I recently just was awarded after 6 years of lettin the sleeping dog lye.Throwing my son under the bus Chad beck is the narcissistic psycopath personality I so much was trying to protect my son from. God help them all. I know after 13 years of my son living with me that he didn't get the justice he deserved or outcome I deserved either. Now I lost everything I own, had to move, sell home to auction, and rent a apartment . Trying to start from zero all because of my sons one day assault school conspired against me to not take fault for and do the RIGHT THING. The people involved in this cover up can all GO TO HELL ! I will never stop perusing justice for my son, social media has become my new friend. Thanks to anyone reading and believing this story. xoxo.

Aug 08, 2014

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