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Sheila Matechuk / Scam and lies

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Shame On You Sheila! You are so wrong for attacking people when you don't even know who is filing complaints against you. I am the only one that filed a California Cosmetology Board complaint against you for what you did. This fact was confirmed with the CCB investigator along with these additional facts:

I. You lied to the CCB in their investigation by claiming you only do non-adhesive locks and braiding methods which are not regulated by the CCB, when you do in fact do adhesive methods.

II. You are advertising and selling strand by strand fusion (aka: glue-in) applications with a picture on your website clearly demonstrating that.

III. Your advertising for training classes also showed Great Lengths "lightweight fusion" just like the adhesive method you did on Kathy's hair.

IV. You lied to and deceived the CCB investigator by hiding your adhesive tools and supplies from her when they investigated the salon you were in.

V. In your last diatribe on this site, you declined to mention that the CCB cited the salon you were working out of.

VI. The CCB did receive certain offers from you (regarding training classes) but your offers were outrightly declined by the CCB which means you are also lying about providing training for the CCB.

VII. You are wrong for judging and attacking all the people who have valid claims against you when it is you that is a liar.

M.R. in S.F.

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  • Tb
      16th of May, 2009
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    I'm not surprised about Sheila Matechuk's problems or complaints with the cosmetology board because she sure did a number on me. She told me that she would make a really good quality hair piece from European hair when I visited her in her disgusting apartment for a consultation. The hairpiece I got was from cheap Asian hair and it lasted a few weeks before it started shedding and making my scalp break out. I went to several other salons that confirmed the same thing about the hair piece and the reaction my hair and scalp were having.

    When I told Sheila about my scalp reactions and the hairpiece falling apart, she told me that was normal! She didn't offer to repair it or at least find a solution> Just took my money and that was it! Bad businesswoman and an even worse hairextensionswoman. I agree that anybody doing hair extensions should be regulated, regardless of the system or type done.

    T.B. (also in S.F.)

  • Di
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    My time as a client of Sheila is done. I was a client for over 2 years. I had a previous horrible experience with glue-in extensions. Sheila sold me on her loc system and the fact that the maintenance was relatively inexpensive (75.00) and done at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. This was much better than the glue, as I was spending nearly 3 times that, plus having to buy hair every couple of months. I came to Sheila with 75 pieces of hair, which Sheila told me was only a half head of extensions, with about 200(+) being a full head. I was ok with the 750 it cost for the initial visit. Then things started changing. I pretty much stuck to about 7 or 8 weeks, but then I was being charged by the hour and that included her smoke breaks. Sometimes I was paying for nearly 2 hours. After several months, I purchased 25 strands and we determined I had about 100 in my hair. I paid 275 for adding those with my maintenance ones. Then the price went to 95.00 per hour, but it was supposed to include a bit more time than an hour, including her smoke breaks. She said it might cost about 105 sometimes. I decide that tiping was not something I was going to do since 95.00 an hour was nearly 3 times what I was making and my 10 to 15 minute break at work only came after 4 hours of work, but I till didn't generally take one. I felt like 95 was enough. Then the comments started when I would contact her for my appointment. I was told "it's been a really long time since you've been in and I think you are going to have to have a redo". When I would state the facts of when I had been in, proving the timeline proof from emails or cancelled checks, she would back off. But still, the same comment would come. I really started to feel like she needed the 375, whether the redo was valid or not. Then the final straw. My last two appointments were 9 weeks apart and BOTH were because she was on vacation. Yet, I was warned about needing the 375. appointment. I reminded her again of the facts of her being out of the country but the final straw came when I was told by email that I was "the only client that had gone so long without paying for a redo". Going back 3 or 4 months I recall her stating she was in dire straits, yet when I contacted for my 7 week appointment and she is in the Caribbean. The comment is made from her again when I arrive at the appointment. I remind her of my last appt date and she backs off. My very next request for an appointment I'm told she is in Canada. The day before my actual appointment (the day after she got back), she approaches the "pay for a redo" again. This time it's by text. I write a polite email and ask her for a discussion as I am confused about this repeatedly being said by her. I was polite and not accusatory, just wanted to understand. She replies with a completely offensive, nasty email as if I am not the client she banked on and I was due to "pay for a redo" at 375. I was again at 9 weeks, due to the fact that she was on vacation. I would add that when she had looked at my hair the previous appointment she remarked at how good my extensions looked. My hair does not grow out fast and there was only one tangled. At that appointment she did not have to even add any back in. In the end, she was completely offensive, only stated that "I can't keep it all straight" after I wrote a length response stating how she was out of line. Never did she apologize, but complained that she has over 100 women that she sees a month and that she had 15 phone calls that day since just getting back at 2am from vacation. Seriously, complaining about being so fortunate, and no apology for being so offensive to a client after admitting she can't keep it all straight? This tells me that my paying for a redo had nothing to do with my needing it, she just needed the money and it was time. She said it all in how and what she said. Although I had my appointment set, she told me she was overbooked and asked if I could move. I became completely disgusted at her behavior and her attitude as if I owed her a redo. I have definitely got the idea that I was not generating the cash for her that she planned on. Unfortunately, Sheila took a while to show herself as she really is. I will not recommend her services.

  • Di
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Sheila claims her system of applying extensions are locs. They are not. She even claims them as "Goddess Locs" and she is the only person doing them. She switches her pricing continually and constantly tries to say you need a "redo" because then she can charge 375 to 750 depending on how many pieces in your hair. She wants 1500 to 2000 to do the initial extensions. The true, actual "locs" system is not at all the crimps she uses and the maintenance is 8 to 10 weeks. Sheila tries to get you in at 6, sometimes saying 4 or 5 because she wants the monthly income she's planned on from you. If you don't, IT"S REDO TIME! She is all about money. The true locs system, including hair and installation is only 200 per 25 pieces. Way reasonable. There is no "REDO" scam involved. Sheila is a fast talker and quite the saleswoman. Her background is MARKETING! HHMMMM...

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