Sheetz / coffee

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I entered the store to get my daughter some coffee on her way to work. I was in a hurry but thought coffee would be quick. Despite the fact that there were 4 employees there, only one was working at the register, so I waited behind 3 other customers. The ordering computer screens had a notice on them that they were down for maintenance, so I asked if I could order a cold brew coffee. The cashier called out to someone coming and going to fill your food coolers and asked if I could use the screen to order coffee. She said yes and I quickly completed my order. Five minutes later she finally poured it even though she had no other order a to complete. She didn't apologize for the wait and the cashier said that she was in the cooler so it took her longer. She knew of the order before that. When I complained of the time it took, the cashier said it wasn't as long as I thought and offered no apology for the wait. It's just pouring into a cup! It shouldn't take any time. I have previously and consistently rated Sheetz service poorly and this is yet another reason your stores continue to disappoint me in their downward slide. I want a response!!!

Sep 25, 2017

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