Sheer Opulence (Sofar Furniture owned by Hassim Mohamed) / Sheer Opulence or Sheer Theft?

1 South Africa
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I ordered & paid R16000 for a lounge suite from Sheer Opulence in Fourways, Pineslopes in September 2011. I was assured by the owner that my lounge suite would be delivered end of November as it was coming from overseas. After having patiently waited for 3 months, I was told that there were delays in all the deliveries due 2 the Chinese holidays as well as factories closing in the 2nd week of December, therefore, my loungesuite would only be arriving in January 2012. I was kept updated via email with regards 2 when my order would be delivered. Finally in Feb I received an email stating that my lounge suite would be delivered in the 2nd week of Feb. On the day it was supposed 2 be delivered I received an email from the owner claiming that my lounge suite had been stolen upon delivery 2 South Africa & he would have 2 reorder which would mean waiting another month. This story sounded too dodgy & that is when I decided 2 take a drive 2 the shop, 2 my horror I got there 2 an empty shop which had apparently closed down in Feb according 2 the other tenants. I have requested my refund which 2 this day I am still fighting Hassim 2 return. This man is a thief & a liar. Don't be fooled

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