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Shear Essence Salon / / Shear Essence stole money from me!

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Shear Essence Salon -
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I ordered a lace front unit from lois and spoke with her merely 2 days ago and told her that i did not have the balance for my unit (wig) yet and when i did i would contact them to pay the balance for shipping. Well, i was notified by my bank today that my business checking account was not in shambles, because lois and the owner of shear essence ran my credit card anyway and took their money. I called lois 9 times today and begged her and the owner to re-imburse me and they could re-call the unit until i payed and the owner said "no"! So they are leaving me with and inferior unit and owing thousands of dollars at my bank because of their greed. I want to save others this grief, i will be circulating this to all unsuspecting consumers, if you want a lace front wig unit, please try another company and if you do decide to buy from shear essence and pay them with a purchased gift card so they won't hit your card at random and put you in debt!

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  • Rh
      14th of Oct, 2007
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    We all know if this is true. Shear Essence would not be in business. It states upon ordering when paying a deposit, a balance of $249 will be due (in this case)6 weeks. It was on the order form and it is under deposit information etc. We have no need to still funds from a customer our business is doing quite well. With the exception of a couple of customers you cannot please no matter what arrangements you make with them. Yvette called after her unit was already shipped out. If she called Lois and told her not to take the money, we all know and other customers know we would not run the card if you are in a hardship. We have held units for months at a time. I am still trying to figure how she is in thousands of debt to her credit card company and we only ran her card for a balance due of $249 which was due. Actually she ordered on 8/3/07 and card was ran on 9/27/07. We actually gave her 8 weeks. Another lie in her statement. So, with all this said of course the owner (myself)said NO, the unit had been already shipped out to her. This is her order below: Sale price $499 balance due in 6 weeks. Thank You Rhonda Robinson /Owner. Also, if we are such thieves and your bank account is empty, why would you turnaround a few days later and order products and supplies from the same company. Imagine that!

    lacewigdeposit 1 340.00 Add Baby Hair = All Around(+20.00)

    Base Wig Color = 12-Light Golden Brown

    Booklet = Instruction Guide-No

    Cap &Lace Color = Tinted -ethnic/darker skin tones

    First Hilite Color = 14-Medium Ash Blonde (+50.00)

    FreeGift = Shampoo,& Conditioner

    Hair Texture = Natural Curly

    Hilite Percentage = 25%

    Hilite Type = 1/8 inch wide streaks throughout

    Parting = Partfree -Flat Back (combed back)

    Sale Price = $499-Balance Due In 6 weeks $249

    Second HiLite Color = None

    Tape Tabs = Yes Add Tape Tabs -excessive hair loss

    Type Of Baby Hair = Curly

    Who assisted you today? = No assistance was needed today

    Wig Density = Medium(+20.00)

    Wig Length = 16inches

    1.)Circumference Measurement = 22 3/4 inch

    2.)Front To Nape Measurement = 15 1/4 inch

    3.)Ear To Ear Measurement = 13 inches

    4.)Nape Measurement = 6 1/4 inch

  • Ja
      30th of Mar, 2008
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  • Ta
      23rd of May, 2008
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    I just bought some products from Shear Essence, and it hasn't come yet but so far there haven't been any problems. I ordered three items the only thing that I didn't like was the fact that the instructional video I bought didn't let me know like how long the dvd was etc..., because personally I really dont want to pay 27.95 for the same 3 mintue clip that I saw on You Tube so hopefully everything will be alright, I'll update once I receive the products.

  • Ta
      28th of May, 2008
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    I wrote on here a few days ago stating that I had bought some products from Shear Essence, and I just got them today. I can't believe that I paid over 60 bucks for this. I paid 27.95 for a 6 minute and 40 second video. I swear I saw the exact same thing on YouTube for FREE excluding one part on the video where the adhesive tape was added onto the extensions as well as the clients head. I guess that piece of information was worth 27 bucks. Oh well don't let me forget the 20 second section where they are I guess showing you how to take it out, which you can't hardly see in the first place because the other lady is in the way. I looked all over for reviews before I bought this and I couldn't find any anywhere, until after I bought it I stumbled on to this site, I really wish I would've taken that money and went and bought Braids/Weaves by Breslin or Kristen Lock videos, they go step by step with you on exactly what to do. I dunno maybe the lady up there was over exaggerating alittle bit, but hey if no one believes what I'm saying then go ahead and buy the video, I'm sure you'll be just as satisfied as I was (speaking sarcastically). As for the adhesive tape and remover, the only thing I don't have to complain about is the remover. It came in a nice size, I think it'll outlast the tape because um yeah there isn't alot of that. I guess this is a lesson learned but I really hope people stumble on this website before buying from them, or at least call them and ask questions before making any purchases. I should've called and asked how long is this video etc... because that's what I'm most upset about no one would want to just throw their money away like that.

  • Le
      12th of Oct, 2008
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    I came up to jacksonville from Orlando I was introduced to the most professional on point staff Sheer-Essence ...that Salon is the business people, I got my hair braided by Ms.Kandy and honey ...NO More
    African Braiders (shouts out to Africa ) but check this out while ms kandy was doing my hair i meet Ms. Posha Omg her hair was so beautiful yall know she did it herself (cause she's nice like that) LOL... with the indian hair she cut it and layered it that's my next style OMG it was beautiful and MS. Lois was so sweet it's been a long time since i've gone into a salon and felt like
    a queen i was treated like family. Ms.Kandy's braids didn't even hurt it was unreal. went on the site and ladies check out the site skill level is what a NYC. girl knows please trust and believe that. The work was every bit the true and i love my hair my husband was so impressed with all the thing these ladies can do they are truly blessed with their hands. ladies when you go, give yourself time order your hair and do like I'm gonna do schedule your appointment when you have the hair.If you are blessed and can treat yourself do it. I'm a New Yorker I've always gone to the best salons
    in New York now I have one in FLA
    Peace and Love.

  • St
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I had Rhonda Robinson @ Shear Essence to order my Indian hair 09/30/08 and appointment was 10/11/08 and my hair was at the salon on time. I got a sew-in and it didn't even hurt it was unreal. Went to work and the ladies love my hair. I love my hair and my husband was impressed. Ladies if you order your hair give yourself time for your order to get here. My hair is worth every pennie I spend. Love the ladies at Shear Essence. Great job and keep up the good work.

  • Ni
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    From my experience they are very helpful when I order, and all the people i've ever talked to on the phone have been very helpful and polite.. Their products are terrific, I loved the quality, and I am overall happy with the product.

    HOWEVER, they are VERY untimely!! That's my number one complaint, and the reason why I've found somewhere else to order my hair and lacefronts, etc. I've never received an order on time, even after paying nearly $30 for next day delivery. One time I called because I had a wedding to attend over the weekend, and they assured me if I paid for the next day shipping I would recieve my order on time. I didn't! I didn't receive my order for at least four days.

    This wouldn't be so bad, but they're never able to tell me why my order wasn't shipped, or when it will be shipped, and they've NEVER refunded my shipping money. I've spent at least $120 on next day shipping in the last few months, and have never recieved it in less than 5 days. Once it was over two weeks. That was my lesson learned! I can only imagine if I had paid for normal shipping, I probably wouldn't have receive my order for months lol!

    Overall, I think the people that work there are great, the product is great, they're just untimely when it comes to shipping orders out.

    The new place I found ships exactly when they say they are, has the same great quality, and about the same prices as shear essence's sale prices. I'm sad not to be supporting a small, black owned business, but I've given them enough chances to get their act together and they haven't.

  • Un
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    i never Had any problems with shear essence salon they r a wonderful company and i think if people just take the time and read everything before u spend all that money it'll probably save them alot of grief

  • Le
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    Why is it that people can seem to eat sht... all day every mfn... day from anyone else, yet spend ridiculous amounts of money on shipping over and over again, then get mad for having done so.OK, who's fault was that? Question, Does your "new place I found". Do hair as good as Sheer Essence Salon? Just wondering Boo Boo...

  • Am
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I think hey can do better as a company, I have several lace front wigs mainly human hair ones. However, I have gotten my human hair full lace ones before I received this front lace one. They took the money off of the card that was used right away, usually the other companies I've dealt with, sent the transaction through when the units shipped. The site said the units would ship 3-5 days, not 3-5 weeks, I finally called and spoke with a Sophia, she didn't know why I hadn't received my paid for merchandise way before now. I probably won't order from them again, it's sad because it seems like that's a black owned company. We as a people need to do better, if we want to prosper and go on to bigger better things.

  • Ha
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    That's what happens when you deal with ignorant black folks, they make honest black owned businesess look bad and contribute to the steroetype that other races have when people like that behave that way.I guess they can say they are doing"well" when they're stealing and conning people out of their hard earned dollars just to get that way, but what they forget is, that's isn't real success, and what goes up must comes back down. Getting things dishonestly never last..

  • Sh
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    After reading these commits, I don't think I want to order anything from this Sheer Essence salon/website. Money is to hard to come by for people to just snatch it up from you by ripping you off. I had my share from purchasing a lace wig in January 09 to get ripped off of $550.00 from Donyelle McBride in Hartford CT.

  • Ju
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I have been going to shear essence salon for about two months now. On my first visit, I felt right at home. My stylist, other stylists, the owner and especially Ms. Lois, was very kind and that is what you want from any salon. They are a very talented and business oriented staff. I couldn't have chosen a better salon!! For those of you who only have negative things to say, maybe you should look in the mirror and understand you are the problem, not the salon. Keep up the good work ladies, and continue to do what you do!!

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